The genetics of schizophrenia enters the modern era, as a landmark, genomewide analysis identifies 108 risk loci for this disorder—most of them new.
Study Examines Role of Psychiatric Drugs in ED Visits
Antipsychotic Studied as Potential Therapy for BPD

Formal training of primary care physicians to manage mild to moderate mental health problems has been a missing link in collaborative care programs.
Alaska Comes in From the Cold on Mental Health Care
Mixed Reviews Follow IOM Report on Future of GME Financing

The stakes involved in the cases are enormous, with millions of people enrolled in non-state-established health exchanges whose premiums are made more affordable because of federal subsidies.
GME Legislation Includes Funding for Child Psychiatric Hospitals
Law Will Boost VA Medical Workforce, Access to MH Care

A new Center on Aging at the University of California, San Diego, will promote innovative research, education, and policy to improve the quality of life for the growing numbers of senior citizens in the United States.
Benefits Counseling Can Help Encourage Veterans to Seek Employment
Advantages of Supported Employment Persist at Five-Year Follow-up

Stigma remains one of the largest deterrents keeping people from accessing needed mental health care, and the problem is especially acute among minority populations.
Cornell Residents Win MindGames Competition
Biden Hails ‘Astounding Possibilities’ Ahead for Psychiatry

Millions of people worldwide have been rocked by the recent and very sad death of Robin Williams. Although suicide is part of our daily work as clinicians, we are mostly focused on assessing our patients for suicide risk, exploring suicide thoughts and planning, and treating the cognitive patterns directly or the underlying psychiatric illnesses.
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