Annual Meeting
Preliminary Program: Monday May 7
Psychiatric News
Volume 36 Number 4 page 15-24

7 a.m.-8:30 a.m.

Industry-Supported Breakfast Symposia

IS27. Optimizing Treatment Outcomes in Patients With Chronic Depression (Part 1) Supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

A. Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy: New Data on the Long-Term Treatment of Chronic Depression Martin B. Keller, M.D.

B. Achieving Remission in the Treatment of Chronic Depression A. John Rush, M.D.

IS28. Women’s Mental Health: Antidepressant Therapy During the Childbearing Years (Part 1)Supported by Forest LaboratoriesInc.

A. The Epidemiology of Depression Throughout the Female Life Cycle Vivien K. Burt, M.D.

B. Diagnosis and Treatment of PMDD Elias Eriksson, Ph.D.

C. The Implications of Antidepressant Therapy During Pregnancy Lori L. Altshuler, M.D.

IS29. Comparing Atypical Antipsychotic Therapies: Making Sense of the Data (Part 1) Supported by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

A. Examining the Efficacy of Atypical Antipsychotics: Is There a Difference? Alan J. Mendelowitz, M.D.

B. EPS and the Essence of Atypicality: Are All Atypical Antipsychotics the Same? Rajiv Tandon, M.D.

C. Relative Tolerability of Novel Antipsychotics: Impact on Weight Gain and Sexual Function Donna A. Wirshing, M.D.

IS30. Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Understudied Populations (Part 1)Supported by SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

A. Major Depression in Children and Adolescents Karen D. Wagner, M.D.

B. OCD and Social Anxiety Disorder in Children and Adolescents John T. Walkup, M.D.

C. Use of Antidepressants in Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Zachary S. Stowe, M.D.

IS31. Weighing the Options for Managing Bipolar Depression (Part 1)Supported by Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

A. Initial Treatment Options for Bipolar Depression Russell T. Joffe, M.D.

B. Alternatives for Patients Refractory to an Initial Course of Treatment Claudia Baldessano, M.D.

IS32. The Impulsive Aggressive Spectrum: Challenging Populations (Part 1)Supported by Abbott Laboratories

A. Mechanisms and Specificity Alan C. Swann, M.D.

B. Very Bad Behaviors Eric Hollander, M.D.

C. The Interface Between Substance Abuse and Impulsive Aggression Stephen M. Strakowski, M.D.

Residents’ Session: Meet the Experts: Sunny Side-Up

7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

Registration/Course Enrollment Open

8 a.m.-Noon

CME Courses 35-43

9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Clinical Case Conference 1. Glen O. Gabbard, M.D., on A Neuroscience Perspective on Transference in Psychotherapy (Open to APA members only.)

Discussion Groups

1. Nada L. Stotland, M.D., on Treating Women Patients: What Clinicians Need to Know

2. Maurice D. Steinberg, M.D., on Psychiatric Aspects of End-of-Life Care


L2. Genes, Synapses, and Long-Term Memory Eric R. Kandel, M.D., APA’s Marmor Award Lecture

L3. Existential Psychotherapy and Religious Consolation: Convergence and Divergence Irvin D. Yalom, M.D., APA’s Oskar Pfister Award Lecture

Master Education Clinical Consultations

1. Leah J. Dickstein, M.D., on Unique Gender Issues in All of Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment (Open to APA members only.)

2. Mary Jane Massie, M.D., on The Psychiatric Aspects of Breast Cancer (Open to APA members only.)

3. Roger G. Kathol, M.D., on Psychiatric Problems in Medical/Surgical Patients (Open to APA members only.)

New Research Young Investigators’ Poster Session 1

Round Table Discussion

The Future of Behavioral Healthcare Moderator: Robert Michels, M.D.

Component Workshops

CW1. Physician Disability: Treatment, Insurance, and Conflicts APA Committee on Physician Health, Illness, and Impairment Co-Chairpersons: Michael H. Gendel, M.D., and Linda Logsdon, M.D.

CW2. Continuing the Dialogue on Racism and Psychopathology APA Committee of Black Psychiatrists Chairperson: Michelle O. Clark, M.D.

CW3. Medicare and Medicaid: Problems and Progress APA Medicare Advisory Committee Chairperson: Edward Gordon, M.D.

CW4. The Great Beyond: Making Career Decisions at the End of Residency Training APA Committee of Early Career Psychiatrists Co-Chairpersons: Ronald C. Albucher, M.D., and Keith W. Young, M.D.

CW5. The Interpretation of Dreams: Fantasy and Reality in Residency Training APA/GlaxoWellcome Fellows Chairperson: Michael A. Scarf, M.D.

CW6. Psychiatrists in the Schools: Reducing the Impact of Trauma APA Committee on Psychiatry and Mental Health in the Schools Chairperson: Lois T. Flaherty, M.D.

CW7. Psychiatric Views on Talking About Homosexuality to Kids APA Committee on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues Chairperson: Jack Drescher, M.D.

CW8. Make the Media Work for You: Television Interview Tips and Techniques APA Joint Commission on Public Affairs Co-Chairpersons: Michael Blumenfield, M.D., and Mary H. Davis, M.D.

CW9. To Retire or Not to Retire, That Is the Question APA Committee on Senior Psychiatrists and APA Lifers Chairperson: Irvin M. Cohen, M.D.

CW10. Students and Schools at Risk: Where Is the Violence? APA Alliance Chairperson: Gail S. Fuller, R.N.

Issue Workshops

IW1. Psychiatric Illness and the WorkplaceChairperson: Steven E. Pflanz, M.D.

IW2. Schumann, Manic-Depressive Illness, and the Creative ProcessChairperson: Richard Kogan, M.D.

IW3. Working-Through in PsychotherapyChairperson: Steven H. Lipsius, M.D.

IW4. Telepsychiatry: Legal and Ethical Issues Chairperson: Nancy H. Halleck, J.D.

IW5. Hospital-Based Program for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender PatientsChairperson: Douglas L. York, M.P.H.

IW6. E-Supporting Clinical Practice: Guidelines and the Psychiatric Research Network Chairperson: Joel Yager, M.D.

IW7. ABPN Update: Requirements for ABPN ExaminationChairperson: Thomas A.M. Kramer, M.D.

IW8. Towards a Rational, Integrated Treatment Approach to Mentally Retarded and Developmentally Disabled PatientsCo-Chairpersons: Harvey Stabinsky, M.D., and Susan Stabinsky, M.D.

IW9. Sleep Problems in Dual-Diagnosis Patients: Physiology and ManagementChairperson: R. Jeffrey Goldsmith, M.D.

IW10. Nonsexual Boundary Violations Chairperson: Malkah T. Notman, M.D.

IW11. Neuroanatomy and Neurophysics of the UnconsciousChairperson: Vincenzo R. Sanguineti, M.D.

IW12. Clozapine Augmentation in Refractory SchizophreniaChairperson: Jean-Pierre Lindenmayer, M.D.

IW13. Making Telepsychiatry Work for Your System Psychiatric Society of Informatics Chairperson: William M. Tucker, M.D.

IW14. From Play Therapy to Pills and Back Again: Child Treatment in the Decade of the MindChairperson: Peter D. Ganime, M.D.

IW15. A University Depression-Management Program Chairperson: Stuart J. Eisendrath, M.D.

IW16. Disaster Psychiatry: LAPA Flight 3142 Chairperson: Daniel L. Mosca, M.D.

IW17. Two Dogmas of PsychoanalysisChairperson: Avak A. Howsepian, M.D.

IW18. The Impact of Suicide on CliniciansChairperson: Eric M. Plakun, M.D.

IW19. How to Develop a Lecture Chairperson: Marianne T. Guschwan, M.D.

IW20. Recent Advances in Female Sexual MedicineChairperson: Barbara D. Bartlik, M.D.

IW21. The Art of Healing: Use of Art Therapy and Group Psychotherapy for Treatment of Traumatized Immigrant PopulationsCo-Chairpersons: Abbas Azadian, M.D., and Mary E. Sanderson, R.A.T.

IW22. Teaching Behavioral Sciences to Family DoctorsChairperson: Jonathan S. Davine, M.D.

9 a.m.-11 a.m.

Media Sessions

Session 3. Psychiatry Goes to the Movies

3. Boys Don’t Cry

Session 4. When Mental Illness Hits Home

4. Out of My Mind

5. A Journey Back: Coping With a Parent’s Suicide

6. Means of Grace

9 a.m.-Noon

Continuous Clinical Case Conference Anton C. Trinidad, M.D., on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: A Case of Comorbid Major Depression, Personality Disorder, and Episodic Alcohol Abuse (Open to APA members only.)

9 a.m.-4 p.m.

CME Courses 44-50

10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Exhibits Open

Publishers’ Bookfair Open

APA Resource Center Open

10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Research Advances in Psychiatry: From Theory to Therapy: Drug Discovery, Testing, and Clinical Use APA Scientific Program Committee and APA Council on Research Chairperson: Herbert Pardes, M.D. Co-Chairperson: Daniel K. Winstead, M.D.

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Discussion Groups

3. Edward F. Foulks, M.D., on Psychiatrists in Mental Health Advocacy Groups

4. Clarice J. Kestenbaum, M.D., on Risk Factors for Adolescent Psychotic Disorders

5. Sara C. Charles, M.D., on the Professional Ethic and Current Psychiatric Practice


L4. Beyond DSM IV: From Appearances to EssencesPaul R. McHugh, M.D., Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series

L5. Why Play on Only Three Strings, When You Can Play on the Whole Violin? The Importance of Psychotherapy EducationJerald Kay, M.D., APA/NIMH Vestermark Psychiatry Educator Award Lecture

Master Education Clinical Consultations

4. Ruth E. Levine, M.D., on Using Cinema to Enhance the Teaching of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences (ADMSEP Council on Education Master Teacher) (Open to APA members only.)

5. Steven P. Roose, M.D., on Medication and Psychodynamic Therapies: Can Treatments in Conflict Be Integrated? (Open to APA members only.)

6. Donna E. Stewart, M.D., on Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation (Open to APA members only.)

Media Session

Session 5. Innocence for Sale

7. Stolen Lives

Medical Update 1.Darwin J. Prockop, M.D., on Can Stem Cells From Bone Marrow Serve as a Fountain of Youth for the Brain?

Scientific and Clinical Report Sessions

Session 1. Issues in Sexual Dysfunction

2. Correlation Between Patient Self-Assessment of Erectile Function and the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) Joseph Cappelleri, Ph.D.

3. Sildenafil Citrate Effectively Treats Erectile Dysfunction in Men Who Have Been Successfully Treated for Depression Jean L. Tignol, M.D.

4. Psychotropic-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Among Outpatients Kenneth P. Rosenberg, M.D.

Session 2. Presidential Theme: "Mind Meets Brain"

5. Self, Object, and Neurobiology Richard M. Brockman, M.D.

6. Conceptual Integration of Mind and Brain in Philosophy and Psychiatry David H. Brendel, M.D.

7. Dreaming Contributes to Adaptation in the Depressed: A Review Milton Kramer, M.D.

Session 3. Depression in the Medically Ill

8. A Systematic Review of Depression as a Risk Factor for Coronary Disease Lawson R. Wulsin, M.D.

9. Training Primary Care Physicians in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression Robert Kohn, M.D.

10. Screening for Depression in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Mark R. Katz, M.D.

Session 4. Seclusion, Restraint, and Emergency Issues

11. Reducing Restraint and Seclusion: One Hospital’s Experience Paul Plasky, M.D.

12. Reducing Restraint Use in a Public Psychiatric Hospital Robert E. McCue, M.D.

13. Factors Influencing the Psychiatric Emergency Room Davin A. Agustines, B.A.

Session 5. Special Issues in Family and Child Psychiatry

14. Some Long-Term Consequences of Orphanage Care John J. Sigal, Ph.D.

15. Familial Background and Literary Creativity Albert Rothenberg, M.D.

16. Self-Comforting Strategies Used by Adolescent Males and Females Paul C. Horton, M.D.

Session 6. Anxiety Disorders

17. PTSD Versus Panic Disorder: Differences in HPA Axis/Noradrenergic Functioning Randall D. Marshall, M.D.

18. Beyond One-Year Imipramine Maintenance in Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia Matig R. Mavissakalian, M.D.

19. Social Phobia Treatment Survey Michael A. Van Ameringen, M.D.

Session 7. Personality Disorders

20. Psychiatric Treatment of Borderline Patients Followed for Four Years Mary C. Zanarini, Ed.D.

21. Predictors of Outcome in a 27-Year Follow-Up of BPD Joel F. Paris, M.D.

22. Confirmatory Factor Analysis of DSM-IV Schizotypal Personality Disorder Criteria Charles A. Sanislow, Ph.D.

Session 8. Alcohol and Drug-Related Disorders

23. Longitudinal Predictors of Adolescent Alcohol Disorder Onset Martha A. Rueter, Ph.D.

24. Delirium Tremens: Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis, and Terminology Milton Rosenbaum, M.D.

25. Cigarette Smoking and Risk for Anxiety Disorders Jeffrey G. Johnson, Ph.D.

Session 9. Comorbidity in Mood Disorders

26. Does Medical Comorbidity Impact the Severity of Depression and Its Treatment? Dan V. Iosifescu, M.D.

27. Treatment-Resistant Depression and Axis I Comorbidity Timothy J. Petersen, Ph.D.

28. The Complex Comorbidity Between Bipolar Illness and OCD: Clinical Implications and Treatment Outcome Giulio Perugi, M.D.

Session 10. Psychopharmacology Toxicities

29. Myotoxicity and Neurotoxicity During Clozapine Treatment Ilya Reznik, M.D.

30. Olanzapine and NMS: Case Report and Literature Review Cristinel M. Coconcea, M.D.

31. A Case of Ketamine Psychosis Seema Kochhar, M.D.

Session 11. Addiction Psychiatry

32. Polymorphisms in the 5HT Transporter Gene and Cocaine Dependence Ashwin A. Patkar, M.D.

33. Addictions Psychiatry and Treatment Outcomes in a Therapeutic Community Gregory C. Bunt, M.D.

34. Spirituality in the Detoxification Phase of Substance Abuse Treatment Camilo A. Martin, M.D.

Session 12. Predictors in Schizophrenia

35. What Predicts Functioning Across 10 Years of Schizophrenic Illness? Ellen S. Herbener, Ph.D.

36. Perinatal Brain Damages and Slower Development Interact as Risks for Psychosis Peter B. Jones, Ph.D.

37. Social Sequels of Mental Disorders in the 1966 North Finland Birth Cohort Matti K. Isohanni, M.D.

Component Workshops

CW11. Music in the Lives of Psychiatrists APA San Diego Psychiatric Society Chairperson: Edward A. Siegel, M.D.

CW12. A Model Infant Psychiatry Program for Abuse and Neglect Cases APA Committee on Pre-School Children Co-Chairpersons: Michael S. Scheeringa, M.D., and Charles H. Zeanah, M.D.

CW13. The Interface Between Religion and Existential Psychotherapy APA Committee on Religion, Spirituality, and Psychiatry Chairperson: George T. Harding IV, M.D.

CW14. RBRVS Coding and Documentation Update APA Committee on RBRVS, Codes, and Reimbursements Chairperson: Chester W. Schmidt Jr., M.D.

CW15. XTC and K, Etc.: The New ABCs of Adolescent Substance Use APA Committee on Treatment Services for Addicted Patients Co-Chairpersons: Bernard J. Biermann, M.D., and Sheila B. Blume, M.D.

CW16. Mission Impossible: Treating the Undiagnosable Child APA Committee on Children With Mental or Developmental Disorders Chairperson: Carl B. Feinstein, M.D.

Issue Workshops

IW23. Alcoholism Pharmacotherapy: A Case-Based Review for CliniciansChairperson: Lance P. Longo, M.D.

IW24. Balancing Career and FamilyChairperson: Margery S. Sved, M.D.

IW25. Narcissism Below Sea Level: A Dutch View of Future Gay Developments Co-Chairpersons: Nicolaas F.J. Hettinga, M.D., and Rudolf A.M. Feijen, M.D.

IW26. Computer Odyssey 2001: Updates for New Computer PurchasersCo-Chairpersons: Lawrence K. Richards, M.D., and Alan W. Newman, M.D.

IW27. Understanding the Dynamics of Abusive RelationshipsChairperson: Gary J. Maier, M.D.

IW28. Mental Health Education for the Primary Care Physician Co-Chairpersons: Linda Gask, M.D., and Amelia E. Musacchio de Zan, M.D.

IW29. Intergenerational Aspects of Trauma and Aggressive BehaviorChairperson: Andrei Novac, M.D.

IW30. Funding Opportunities From the National Institutes of Health National Institutes of Health Chairperson: Lucinda Miner, Ph.D.

IW31. Current and Future Trends in Psychiatry and Employment LawChairperson: Michael M. Welner, M.D.

Noon-1:30 p.m.


1. Along the Death Trail: Inside the Mind of an Execution Team Co-Chairpersons: Ira D. Glick, M.D., and Howard J. Osofsky, M.D.

2. Why Harry? Why Now? Understanding the Harry Potter Phenomenon Chairperson: Leah J. Dickstein, M.D.

3. Day Care: Impact on Kids Chairperson: Nada L. Stotland, M.D.

Noon-2 p.m.

Media Sessions

Session 6. Jazz at Lunch

8. A Century of Satchmo

Session 7. Pain and the Mind: Art and the Soul

9. The Art of Being Human

10. Faces of the Hand

1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

New Research Young Investigators’ Oral Slide Sessions 2-4

1 p.m.-5 p.m.

CME Courses 51-56

2 p.m.-3:30 p.m.


L6. Bipolar Disorder: Using Affective Neuroscience to Bridge the Gap Between Children and AdultsEllen Leibenluft, M.D., Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series

L7. Title to Be Announced, Professor Latanya Sweeney

2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Media Sessions

Session 8. Psychiatry Goes to the Movies

11. Girl, Interrupted: The Film and the Book

Session 9. In Spite of Adversity: Healing By Challenge

12. King Gimp

13. Soop on Wheels

14. The Remarkable Story of John/Joan

Presidential Symposium

The Royal Road Revisited: Dreams in the 21st Century Chairperson: Daniel B. Borenstein, M.D.


S1. Residents and the Pharmaceutical Industry: How to Maintain Ethical Integrity

A. Deontological and Ethical Considerations in Resident-Industry Interactions Francois J. Primeau, M.D.

B. Residents and the Pharmaceutical Industry: Is a Gift Ever Just a Gift? Ashley D. Wazana, M.D.

C. Induction, Seduction, and Deduction: Teaching the Resident About Physician-Industry Interactions Nadeem Bhanji, M.D.

D. The Pharmaceutical Industry Relations Committee at McGill Annette Granich, M.D.

S2. Risk Factors for Schizophrenia and Prevention

A. Early Associates of Schizophrenia in the 1966 North Finland Birth Cohort Juha M. Veijola, M.D.

B. Prenatal Infection and Adult Schizophrenia Alan S. Brown, M.D.

C. Risk Factors for the Brain Deviations Associated With Schizophrenia Robin M. Murray, M.B.

D. Traumatic Brain Injury and Risk for Schizophrenia Dolores Malaspina, M.D.

E. Neurodevelopmental Genes and Risk of Schizophrenia Hiroshi Kunugi, M.D.

F. Predicting Schizophrenia and Depression: Would You Help or Harm? Peter B. Jones, Ph.D.

S3. New Approaches to Improve Long-Term Treatment Adherence in Schizophrenia

A. Treatment Adherence in Schizophrenia John M. Kane, M.D.

B. Psychosocial and Pharmacological Strategies for Improving Treatment Adherence in Schizophrenia Stephen R. Marder, M.D.

C. "I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help!": Helping Patients Accept Treatment Xavier Amador, Ph.D.

D. Caduceus on the Scales of Justice: Legal Interventions to Provide Treatment Jonathan A. Stanley, J.D.

E. A Role for Surgically Implantable Long-Term Neuroleptic Delivery System Steven J. Siegel, M.D.

S4. PTSD: A Biopsychosocial Approach

A. The Stressor Criterion in DSM-IV Naomi Breslau, Ph.D.

B. Individual Difference in Posttraumatic Response Marilyn L. Bowman, Ph.D.

C. Has PTSD Become a Posttraumatic Neurosis? Allan Young, Ph.D.

D. Culture, Trauma, and PTSD Laurence J. Kirmayer, M.D.

E. Personality Factors in Susceptibility to PTSD Joel F. Paris, M.D.

S5. Perimenopause, Mood, and Cognition: The Role of Reproductive Hormones

A. The Modulation of Neurotransmitters by Gonadal Steroids: An Update David R. Rubinow, M.D.

B. The Relationship Between Depression and the Transition to Menopause: Results From a Cohort Study Lee S. Cohen, M.D.

C. The Role of Estrogen as an Antidepressant Strategy for Perimenopausal Depression Claudio N. Soares, M.D.

D. The Impact of Estrogen Therapy on Cognition in Perimenopausal and Postmenopausal Women Hadine Joffe, M.D.

S6. A Department of Psychiatry’s Extensions Into the Community

A. Older Adults: Work and Psychological Well-Being Patricia Morse, Ph.D.

B. Psychiatry and Welfare to Work Charles Foti, J.D.

C. The Violence Intervention: A Community-Based Program for Children and Families Joy D. Osofsky, Ph.D.

D. Mental Health Evaluations in Police Recruitment and Retention Howard J. Osofsky, M.D.

E. A Juvenile, Court-Related After-School and Weekend Therapeutic Program Ernestine S. Gray, J.D.

S7. Arab Perspective on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Arab American Psychiatric Association

A. The Validity of Psychiatric Diagnosis: Application in Children Ahmed S. Aboraya, M.D.

B. The Arab Family Structures in Arab Civilizations: A Historical Review Nasser F. Loza, M.B.

C. The Current Status of Child Psychiatry: An Egyptian Perspective Ahmed M.F. Okasha, M.D.

D. Mental Health in Children and Adolescents in Morocco Driss Moussaoui, M.D.

E. Disciplinary Practices and Child Maltreatment Among Egyptian Families in an Urban Area in Ismailia Mohamed H. El-Defrawi, M.D.

S8. Eating Disorders: New Features and New Treatments

A. Cognitive Functioning in Anorexia Nervosa David B. Herzog, M.D.

B. Eating Behavior While Driving a Car James E. Mitchell, M.D.

C. Cognitive-Behavior Therapy Relapse Predictors for Bulimia Nervosa Katherine A. Halmi, M.D.

D. New Treatment Strategies for Anorexia Nervosa Walter H. Kaye, M.D.

E. Adjunctive Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa by E-Mail Joel Yager, M.D.

S9. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: Contemporary Issues APA Commission on Psychotherapy by Psychiatrists and American College of Psychoanalysts

A. Psychotherapy in the Spectrum of Antisocial Personality: Possibilities and Limitations Michael H. Stone, M.D.

B. Dynamic Psychotherapy of Women With Cancer of the Reproductive Organs Jennifer I. Downey, M.D.

C. The Psychotherapy of Psychotic Patients Gerald J. Sarwer-Foner, M.D.

D. Computers: Clinical Effects of Today’s Blank Screen Marcia K. Goin, M.D.

S10. Treating the Psychiatrically Ill HIV Patient

A. Treatment Approaches to HIV-Related Neurocognitive Disorders Francisco Fernandez, M.D.

B. Mood Disorders: Depression Stephen J. Ferrando, M.D.

C. Complications of Drug-Drug Interactions Milton L. Wainberg, M.D.

D. Psychotic Disorders Francine Cournos, M.D.

S11. New Findings on Psychiatric Practice: Access and Patterns of Care

A. Measuring Quality of Care John M. Oldham, M.D.

B. Integrated Versus Split Treatment: Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy for Mood Disorders Farifteh F. Duffy, Ph.D.

C. Axis I and Axis II Comorbidity in Psychiatric Practice William E. Narrow, M.D.

D. Characteristics of Patients With Substance Use Disorders Affected by Financial Constraints Diane M. Herbeck, M.A.

S12. PTSD in Women: Integrating Mind and Brain in Treatment

A. Immune Neuroanatomic Neuroendocrine Gender Differences in PTSD Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D.

B. The Psychodynamics of Trauma in Women Kathryn J. Zerbe, M.D.

C. Domestic Violence, PTSD, and Women of Color Tana A. Grady-Weliky, M.D.

D. Treatment of PTSD in Women: Lessons From Women Veterans Marian I. Butterfield, M.D.

E. Pharmacotherapeutic Treatment for Women With PTSD Kathleen T. Brady, M.D.

S13. Psychiatry, the Interview, and Medical Outcomes

A. New Concepts and Data on the Relationship of the Interview to Outcomes Geoffrey H. Gordon, M.D.

B. Adherence and Behavior Change Skills for the Practicing Psychiatrist Michael G. Goldstein, M.D.

C. Teaching Skeptical Medical Housestaff Communication Skills With Patients M. Philip Luber, M.D.

D. Depression Education for Primary Care: The MacArthur Foundation Initiative Steven A. Cole, M.D.

E. Learning and Teaching Listening Skills Joseph S. Weiner, M.D.

S14. Trauma and the Life Cycle: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

A. Contemporary Psychodynamic Perspectives on Trauma Development Arieh Y. Shalev, M.D.

B. Integrating Medication and Psychosocial Therapeutic Models in PTSD Randall D. Marshall, M.D.

C. Variable Foraging Demand Rearing in Primates: Biobehavioral Sequelae Jeremy D. Coplan, M.D.

D. Ethnocultural Factors in PTSD Roberto Lewis-Fernandez, M.D.

E. The Cognitive-Affective Science of Trauma and Development Dan J. Stein, M.D.

S15. Addictions: Gambling and Substance Abuse: Cutting-Edge Treatment

A. Treatment of Cocaine Dependence Marian W. Fischman, Ph.D.

B. Treatment of Heroin Dependence Herbert D. Kleber, M.D.

C. Marijuana Dependence and Club Drug Use: Future Concerns and Possible Strategies for a Generation at Risk David M. McDowell, M.D.

D. Gambling Addictions Robert W. Johnson, M.D.

E. Treatment of Comorbid Conditions Frances R. Levin, M.D.

S16. Childhood Sexual Abuse: Perpetrators and Victims

A. Personality Profiles and Childhood Sexual Histories of Male Perpetrators Lisa J. Cohen, Ph.D.

B. Cerebral Glucose Metabolism and Deviant Sexual Arousal in Male Pedophiles Igor I. Galynker, M.D.

C. Psychophysiological Reactivity to Stressful Scripts in BPD and PTSD Christian G. Schmahl, M.D.

D. Role of Hippocampus and Medical Prefrontal Cortex in Abuse-Related PTSD J. Douglas Bremner, M.D.

S17. Psychotherapy in the Americas Inter-American Council of Psychiatric Organizations

A. Psychotherapy in the General Hospital Setting: A Cultural Experience in Liaison Psychiatry Rodolfo D. Fahrer, M.D.

B. Folkloric Roots of Psychiatry and Development of Psychotherapy Carlos Leon-Andrade, M.D.

C. Psychotherapy Among Indigenous Caribbean Patients: Folk Traditions and Future Sharon C. Harvey, M.D.

D. Psychotherapy in a Violent Society Ruben J. Hernandez-Serrano, M.D.

E. Phenomenological and Descriptive Legacies in Latin-American Psychiatry Renato D. Alarcon, M.D.

S18. Mind and Brain: The Concepts of Psychiatry Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry

A. The Methodological View of Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis Marshal F. Folstein, M.D.

B. Overt and Covert Theories of Mind in Psychiatric Education John Z. Sadler, M.D.

C. Mind and Brain Do Not Have to Be Integrated if We Don’t Segregate Them in the First Place Michael A. Schwartz, M.D.

D. Mind/Brain Theories in Clinical Psychiatry S. Nassir Ghaemi, M.D.

S19. How Can Psychiatrists Impact the Problem of Suicide at the Community Level? APA Alliance

A. How to Prevent Youth Suicide: Challenges for Psychiatrists Cynthia R. Pfeffer, M.D.

B. Awareness of Suicide Risk in the Community Jan A. Fawcett, M.D.

C. Youth Suicide: Understanding and Prevention Paul J. Fink, M.D.

S20. Thinking About Mind and Brain: Psychoanalysts and Neuroscientists Converse: Part 1 American Academy of Psychoanalysis and American Psychoanalytic Association

A. Is There a Place for an Unconscious in Biological Psychiatry? Howard Shevrin, Ph.D.

B. Affective Neuroscience and Socioemotional Systems of the Brain: Implications for Understanding Psychiatric Disorders Jaak Panksepp, Ph.D.

C. Toward a Neurobiology of the Unconscious Richard M. Brockman, M.D.

D. Psychoanalytic and Neurobiologic Perspectives on Alexithymia Graeme J. Taylor, M.D.

S21. Achieving Comprehensive Care for the Suicidal Individual

A. A Needs-Based Approach to the Care of Suicidal Individuals Ian C. Dawe, M.D.

B. Journey of Care of the Suicidal Patient: St. Michael’s-Style Crisis Perspective Michele K. Cook, R.N.

C. Inpatient Management of the Suicidal Patient Kenneth E. Balderson, M.D.

D. Comprehensive Care for the Suicidal Individual: Outpatient Group Intervention Yvonne Bergmans, M.S.W.

E. Comprehensive Care for the Suicidal Patient: Research Perspectives Anne E. Rhodes, Ph.D.

S22. Frontiers of Depression in Children and Adolescents

A. Neurobiology of Depression and Suicidal Behavior J. John Mann, M.D.

B. Depressed Mothers Identified in Primary Care Myrna M. Weissman, Ph.D.

C. Trends in Current Clinical Research on Child and Adolescent Major Depression Maria Kovacs, Ph.D.

D. Pharmacology of Child and Adolescent Depression Neal D. Ryan, M.D.

E. Treatment Guidelines and Algorithms in Depressed Children and Adolescents Graham J. Emslie, M.D.

F. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment and Prevention of Adolescent Depression Greg Clarke, Ph.D.

S23. Results From the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP)

A. The Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP): Rationale and Study Design A. John Rush, M.D.

B. Issues and Tensions in Specifying and Developing Medication Algorithms M. Lynn Crismon, Pharm.D.

C. Results From the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) Schizophrenia Treatment Module Alexander L. Miller, M.D.

D. Results From the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) Bipolar Disorder Treatment Module Patricia Suppes, M.D.

E. Results From the Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) Major Depressive Disorder Treatment Module Madhukar H. Trivedi, M.D.

S24. Field Testing Dimensional Models for DSM-V Axis II

A. Dimensional Representation of DSM-IV Personality Disorders Andrew E. Skodol II, M.D.

B. A Stepwise Psychobiological Classification C. Robert Cloninger, M.D.

C. A Two-Component Adaptational Model for Classifying Personality Disorders John Livesley, M.D.

D. Clinical Application of the Five Factors of Personality Thomas A. Widiger, Ph.D.

E. A Prototype-Matching Approach to Diagnosis of Personality Disorders Drew Westen, Ph.D.

S25. ADHD: A Life-Cycle Perspective

A. ADHD Across the Life Cycle: Symptomatology and Validity Thomas J. Spencer, M.D.

B. Neuropsychology Deficits and Symptomatology of ADHD Rosemary Tanneck, Ph.D.

C. ADHD and Alcohol or Drug Abuse Timothy E. Wilens, M.D.

D. A Novel Nonstimulant Therapy for ADHD: New Data From Controlled Trials David Michelson, M.D.

S26. Exercise, Athletic Participation, and Mental Health: When It Works and When It Doesn’t International Society for Sport Psychiatry

A. Exercise and Its Positive Impact on Mental Health Robert W. Burton, M.D.

B. When the Athlete Has an Emotional Disorder: Special Psychopharmacological Considerations Antonia L. Baum, M.D.

C. The Role of the Family in an Athlete’s Emotional Life Ian R. Tofler, M.D.

S27. Women’s Mental Health: A Current Perspective

A. Psychiatric Aspects of Hormonal Contraception Julia K. Warnock, M.D.

B. Depression in Women Susan G. Kornstein, M.D.

C. Female Sexual Dysfunction Anita L.H. Clayton, M.D.

D. Women With Cancer: Psychosocial Issues in Breast, Gynecologic, and Lung Cancer Elisabeth J. S. Kunkel, M.D.

E. Career and Workplace Issues for Women Diane K. Shrier, M.D.

S28. Cultural Identity and Quality of Life World Psychiatric Association

A. Asian-American Culture, Spirituality, and Quality of Life Nalini V. Juthani, M.D.

B. Identification at a Different Place and Time Ezra E.H. Griffith, M.D.

C. Latino Biculturality and Quality of Life Juan E. Mezzich, M.D.

D. European Cultures, Identity, and Quality of Life Heinz Katschnig, M.D.

E. Australian Cultures and Quality of Life Helen E. Herrman, M.D.

S29. Group Therapy for Breast Cancer: International Randomized Trials

A. Australian RCTs of Group Therapy for Breast Cancer: Outcome Data David W. Kissane, M.D.

B. Group Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Randomized Trial David Spiegel, M.D.

C. Supportive-Expressive Group Therapy for Women With Breast Cancer: A Danish Experience Anders Bonde-Jensen, Ph.D.

D. Support Group for Women at Genetic Risk for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Kathryn M. Kash, Ph.D.

E. Psychosocial Distress and Group Intervention Among Breast Cancer Patients Luigi Grassi, M.D.

F. Group Therapy for Primary Breast Cancer: A Randomized, Multicenter Trial Catherine Classen, Ph.D.

2 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Review of Psychiatry, Part I: Treatment of Recurrent Depression: A Call to Arms Chairperson: John F. Greden, M.D.

1. Recurrent Depression and Mania: Their Overwhelming Burden John F. Greden, M.D.

2. Recurrent Depression in Women Through the Lifespan Sheila Marcus, M.D.

3. Chronic and Recurrent Depression: Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy Combinations Robert J. Boland, M.D.

4. Prevention of Recurrences in Bipolar Patients: The Best of the Old and the New Charles L. Bowden, M.D.

5. Clinical Prevention of Recurrent Depression: The Need for Paradigm Shifts John F. Greden, M.D.

3 p.m.-5 p.m.

New Research Young Investigators’ Poster Session 5

7:30 p.m.-9 p.m.


L8. A Trip to the Moon and BeyondHarrison H. Schmitt, William C. Menninger Memorial Lecture

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