Annual Meeting
Preliminary Program: Tuesday May 8
Psychiatric News
Volume 36 Number 4 page 32-45

7 a.m.-8:30 a.m.

Industry-Supported Breakfast Symposia

IS27. Optimizing Treatment Outcomes in Patients With Chronic Depression (Part 2) Supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

A. Maximizing Patient Satisfaction During the Long-Term Treatment of Depression Susan G. Kornstein, M.D.

B. Pharmacoeconomic and Psychosocial Outcomes in the Management of Chronic Depression Robert M.A. Hirschfeld, M.D.

IS28. Women’s Mental Health: Antidepressant Therapy During the Childbearing Years (Part 2) Supported by Forest Laboratories Inc.

A. The Treatment of Postpartum Depression: Risks and Benefits to Mother and Child Victoria Hendrick, M.D.

B. Treatment Guidelines for Breastfeeding Zachary S. Stowe, M.D.

IS29. Comparing Atypical Antipsychotic Therapies: Making Sense of the Data (Part 2)Supported by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

A. Beyond Efficacy and Symptom Control: Effectiveness as the Best Measure of Antipsychotic Drug Therapy Henry A. Nasrallah, M.D.

B. Optimizing Optimistically: Getting the Most Out of the Atypical Antipsychotics Peter J. Weiden, M.D.

IS30. Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Understudied Populations (Part 2)Supported by SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

A. The Cancer Patient With Depression Dominique L. Musselman, M.D.

B. Psychiatric Implications of Menopause Dwight L. Evans, M.D.

IS31. Weighing the Options for Managing Bipolar Depression (Part 2)Supported by Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

A. Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy Prevents Depressive Symptomatology for Bipolar I Disorder Ellen Frank, Ph.D.

B. Bipolar Depression: Continuation-Phase Options Gary S. Sachs, M.D.

IS32. The Impulsive Aggressive Spectrum: Challenging Populations, Part 2Supported by Abbott Laboratories

A. Mood Stabilizers as Adjunctive Treatment of Psychosis Daniel E. Casey, M.D.

B. Aggression, Violence, and Psychopathology: A Developmental Approach Hans Steiner, M.D.

7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

Registration/Course Enrollment Open

8 a.m.-Noon

CME Courses 57-64

9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Clinical Case Conference 2.Stuart W. Taylor, M.D., on A Vital Role for Psychotherapy in Neuropsychiatry: Body Image Anxiety in Huntington’s Disease (Open to APA members only.)

Discussion Groups

6. Deborah Spitz, M.D., on Why Hospitalize?

7. Catherine A. Crone, M.D., on Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: Career and Subspecialization Opportunities at the Medicine-Psychiatry Interface (For residents only)

8. L. Lee Tynes, M.D., on Screening and Treating Depression in Primary Care: Let’s Be Realistic!

9. James H. Scully Jr., M.D., on Academic-Public Psychiatry: Training and/or Surviving


L9. Gene Therapy and Its Potential Applications to PsychiatryRobert Sapolsky, Ph.D. Frontiers of Science Lecture Series

L10. Authentic Representation, Belonging, and the Narrative of Self-IdentificationEzra H. Griffith, M.D., APA’s Solomon Carter Fuller Award Lecture

Master Education Clinical Consultations

7. Eric R. Marcus, M.D., on Adult Patients With Comorbid Mood and Personality Disorders (Open to APA members only.)

8. Donald C. Fidler, M.D., on The Journey: Exploring Learning With Our Students, AAP Council on Education Master Teacher (Open to APA members only.)

Component Workshops

CW17. Defining Boundaries in Medical Education: Ethics Applied by Role Playing APA Rhode Island Psychiatric Society’s Committee on Women Co-Chairpersons: Alison M. Heru, M.D., and Christine E. Rayner, M.D.

CW18. Prediction of Dangerousness in Patients APA Task Force on Psychiatric Aspects of Violence Co-Chairpersons: Paul J. Fink, M.D., and Bradley R. Johnson, M.D.

CW19. The Individual Versus the State: Patients’ Privacy and Abuses of Psychiatry APA Committee on Misuse and Abuse of Psychiatry and Psychiatrists Chairperson: Renato D. Alarçon, M.D.

CW20. Legal, Ethical, and Practice Implications of Dot-Com Psychiatry APA Council on Psychiatry and Law and APA Committee on Information Technology Chairperson: Jeffrey L. Metzner, M.D.

CW21. The Color of Death: Suicide and Its Myths in Special Populations APA/Center for Mental Health Services Minority Fellows and APA/AstraZeneca Minority Fellows Co-Chairpersons: N. Kalaya Okereke, M.D., and F. Ada Ifesinachukwu, M.D.

CW22. The Cost of PTSD: A Crisis We Can Prevent APA Consortium on Treatment Issues Co-Chairpersons: Robert F. Dobyns, M.D.and Sandra L. Bloom, M.D.

CW23. Fear, Fantasy, and the Reality of Psychiatric Practice in the New Millennium for IMGs APA Committee of International Medical Graduates Chairperson: Gopalakrishna K. Upadhya, M.D.

CW24. Stalking: The Psychiatric Trainee at Risk APA Committee of Residents and Fellows Co-Chairpersons: Geoffrey M. Gabriel, M.D., and Kira D. Stein, M.D.

CW25. Novel Career Developments in Addiction Psychiatry APA Council on Addiction Psychiatry Co-Chairpersons: Lydia O. Fazzio, M.D. and Marianne T. Guschwan, M.D.

CW26. How to Launch a Successful Private Practice: Part I APA Assembly Committee of Early Career Psychiatrists Co-Chairpersons: William E. Callahan Jr., M.D and Keith W. Young, M.D.

CW27. Studies on Integration of Mental Health and Primary Care in the Veterans Administration APA Consortium on Organized Service Systems Co-Chairpersons: Laurent S. Lehmann, M.D., and Frederick G. Guggenheim, M.D.

Issue Workshops

IW32. Does the Mind Meet the Brain in Residency? And What About the Body?Chairperson: Avram H. Mack, M.D.

IW33. Reinventing Deinstitutionalization in the 21st CenturyChairperson: Richard H. McCarthy, M.D.

IW34. NeuropsychotherapyCo-Chairpersons: David M. Roane, M.D., and Elizabeth S. Ochoa, Ph.D.

IW35. Women’s Leadership and Career DevelopmentChairperson: Linda F. Pessar, M.D.

IW36. Cognitive Therapy for Personality DisordersChairperson: Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

IW37. Balancing Power in the Psychiatrist-Patient Alliance for Therapeutic SuccessCo-Chairpersons: Steve S. Abdool, M.A. and Diane K. Whitney, M.D.

IW38. Ethnicity and Psychopharmacology: Recent Research AdvancesCo-Chairpersons: Pedro Ruiz, M.D., and Keh-Ming Lin, M.D.

IW39. Children of PsychiatristsCo-Chairpersons: Leah J. Dickstein, M.D., and Michelle Riba, M.D.

IW40. Women and Suicide: Hormones and GenesCo-Chairpersons: Jose de Leon, M.D., and Kay R. Jamison, Ph.D.

IW41. Graphotechnology: How to Save Time and Reveal Clues in Handwriting AnalysisCo-Chairpersons: Sheila M. Kurtz, M.S., and Barnard L. Collier, B.A.

IW42. The Use of the Mock Trial in Psychiatric Staff EducationChairperson: Stewart Levine, M.D.

IW43. Ecstasy and the Rave Scene: A Canadian PerspectiveCo-Chairpersons: Clare Roscoe, M.D., and Antonia Seli, M.D.

IW44. Integrated Treatment Programs for Pregnant, Mothering Women and Their ChildrenCo-Chairpersons: Linda L.M. Worley, M.D., and Barbara A. Schindler, M.D.

IW45. Dynamic Therapy With Self-Destructive BPDCo-Chairpersons: Eric M. Plakun, M.D., and Edward R. Shapiro, M.D.

IW46. Healing of Spirit and Body Through Dance After TraumaChairperson: Russell J. Gardner Jr., M.D.

IW47. Clinical Paths Across Cultural and Racial Barriers: How to Do ItCo-Chairpersons: Carl C. Bell, M.D., and Nada L. Stotland, M.D.

IW48. Beyond the Lecture Hall: Integrating Educational ConceptsChairperson: Janet E. Osterman, M.D.

IW49. The Emperor’s New Clothes: Polypharmacy and KidsChairperson: Jacquelyn M. Zavodnick, M.D.

IW50. Psychiatric Adverse Events During Rebatron Treatment of Hepatitis-CChairperson: R. Jeffrey Goldsmith, M.D.

9 a.m.-11 a.m.

Media Sessions

Session 10. Hate, Racism, and Youth

15. Invisible Revolution

Session 11. Poisoning the Brain, Altering the Mind

16. Methamphetamine: From the Streets of San Diego

17. Drinking Apart: Families Under the Influence

Research Advances in Medicine

Brain Science: From Imaging to Implants

9 a.m.-Noon

Continuous Clinical Case ConferenceAnton C. Trinidad, M.D., on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: A Case of Comorbid Major Depression, Personality Disorder, and Episodic Alcohol Abuse (Open to APA members only.)

Telecommunication Session

Session 1. Digital Prospects: Telepsychiatry and Multimedia Applications

1. Evaluation of a Web-Based Intervention for Depression in Pregnant Women

2. Use of a CD-ROM Multimedia Interactive System to Teach Interviewing Skills

3. Prison Telepsychiatry: Realities and Prospects

9 a.m-12:30 p.m.

Review of Psychiatry, Part II: PTSD in Children and Adolescents Chairperson: Spencer Eth, M.D.

6. Evaluation and Assessment of PTSD in Children and Adolescents Wilfred G. van Gorp, Ph.D.

7. Forensic Aspects of PTSD in Children and Adolescents James E. Rosenberg, M.D.

8. PTSD in Children and Adolescents in the Juvenile Justice System William Arroyo, M.D.

9. Biological Treatment of PTSD in Children and Adolescents Soraya Seedat, M.D.

10. The Relationship Between Childhood Traumatic Experiences and PTSD in Adults Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D.

9 a.m.-4 p.m.

CME Courses 65-70

10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Exhibits Open

Publishers’ Bookfair Open

APA Resource Center Open

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Discussion Groups

10. Richard Kogan, M.D., on Treating Sexual Dysfunction in the 21st Century

11. Billy E. Jones, M.D., on the Psychiatrist as an Administrator/Manager

12. Elizabeth H. Rand, M.D., on Psychiatry in Primary Care: What Do We Want to Accomplish?

13. Susan J. Stagno, M.D., on Ethical Issues in Psychiatric Practice


L11. International Cooperation in Mental Health in the Americas: An Agenda for the New MillenniumF. Moises Gaviria, M.D., APA’s Simon Bolivar Award Lecture

L12. Imaging Brain Dysfunction in Substance AbuseEdythe London, Ph.D., Frontiers of Science Lecture Series

Master Education Clinical Consultations

9. Stuart C. Yudofsky, M.D., on Treatment of Patients With Psychiatric Symptoms Complicated With Neurologic Illness (Open to APA members only.)

10. Francine Cournos, M.D., on Psychotherapy and Therapist Self-Disclosure (Open to APA members only.)

11. Steven A. Cole, M.D., on Optimizing Your Relationship With Primary Care Physicians: Ways to Maximize Your Referral Network and Satisfaction (Open to APA members only.)

Media Sessions

Session 12. Life in "The Golden Years"

18. The Personals: Improvisations on Romance in the Golden Years

19. Bringing the Circle Together

20. A One and a Two

21. As Time Goes By

Session 13. The Challenges of Cultural Diversity

22. The Mirror Lied

23. Struggle for Identity

Medical Update 2.Roy S. Weiner, M.D., on Breast Cancer Prevention: An Example of Translational Research

Research Consultation 1.Paula J. Clayton, M.D., on Mood Disorders

Scientific and Clinical Report Sessions

Session 13. Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychiatry

38. Body Dissatisfaction and BMI Across Ethnic Groups Alayne Yates, M.D.

39. Creativity as a Resource for Moving From Trauma Toward Connection Carol L. Kessler, M.D.

40. Hypersexuality in Hasidic-Jewish Inpatients Nancy J. Needell, M.D.

Session 14. Child and Adolescent Diagnostic Issues

41. Diagnostic Efficiency of BPD Criteria in Hospitalized Adolescents Daniel F. Becker, M.D.

42. Overlap Between Child Depressive Inventory and Projectives in Uncovering a Child’s Depression Sidney Fein, M.D.

43. Comorbidity in Conduct Disorder: Gender and Age Differences Atilla Turgay, M.D.

Session 15. Treatment Issues With SSRIs

44. Sildenafil Citrate in SSRI Antidepressant Treatment Emergent Sexual Dysfunction H. George Nurnberg, M.D.

45. Do the SSRIs Make You "Better Than Well"? David J. Hellerstein, M.D.

46. Cholesterol Levels Decrease With Fluoxetine Treatment of MDD Shamsah B. Sonawalla, M.D.

Session 16. History of Geriatric Psychiatry

47. Antipsychotics in Geriatric Psychiatric Patients John W. Goethe, M.D.

48. Cerebral Hemodynamics and Depression in the Elderly Henning Tiemeier, M.D.

49. Integrating End-of-Life Care With Disease Management Programs Arthur L. Lazarus, M.D.

Session 17. HIV-Related Issues

50. College Students’ Perceptions of Self and Others’ Risk for HIV Randolph J. Canterbury, M.D.

51. Seriously Mentally Ill Persons Who Are HIV Positive Greer Sullivan, M.D.

52. HIV, Health Care, and Mental Health Outcomes of Childhood Disruption Charles T. Robinson III, M.D.

Session 18. Treatment of Schizophrenia

53. Placebo-Controlled Trial of Omega-3 Fatty Acid in Schizophrenia Wayne S. Fenton, M.D.

54. Atypical Antipsychotics and Hostility in Schizophrenia: A Double-Blind Study Leslie L. Citrome, M.D.

55. Factors Associated With Medication Adherence in Persons With Schizophrenia Ann L. Hackman, M.D.

Session 19. Biological Issues in Psychiatry

56. Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder: Specific and Common Susceptibility Loci Michel Maziade, M.D.

57. Comorbid Panic Disorder as a Marker of Genetic Heterogeneity in Bipolar Disorder Alessandro Rotondo, M.D.

58. Antibodies to Prothrombin and Thrombin in First Psychotic Episode of Schizophrenia Pinkhas Sirota, M.D.

Session 20. Bipolar Disorders

59. Perceptions and Impact of Bipolar Disorder: How Far Have We Really Come? Lydia J. Lewis

60. Unipolar Compared With Bipolar Depression: Similar Depressive Subtypes Andrew A. Nierenberg, M.D.

61. Cognitive Function in Euthymic Bipolar Patients, Schizophrenics, and Controls Alessandro Rossi, M.D.

Session 21. Psychiatric Education

62. Using the "Moral Accounting" Metaphor to Teach Psychodynamic Formulations Rodney J.S. Deaton, M.D.

63. A Comparison of Evaluations of Male and Female Psychiatry Supervisors Janet M. de Groot, M.D.

64. Training in Depression and Suicide: A National Survey of Primary Care Donna M. Sudak, M.D.

Session 22. Dangerous Offenders

65. Can Psychologists Help Psychiatrists in Assessing Sex Offenders? Linda S. Grossman, Ph.D.

66. Heterogeneity of Psychopathology Among Juvenile Sexual Offenders Relana C. Pinkerton, Ph.D.

67. Dangerous Offender Statutes: The Canadian Perspective Louis Morissette, M.D.

Component Workshops

CW28. Putting Your Best Foot Forward: The Art of Self-Presentation APA Committee on Women Chairperson: Smita H. Patel, M.D.

CW29. Career Development in Academic Psychiatry for Asian Psychiatrists APA Committee of Asian-American Psychiatrists Co-Chairpersons: Nang Du, M.D., and Jacquelyn B. Chang, M.D.

CW30. Genetics, Ethnicity, and Alzheimer’s Disease APA Council on Aging and APA Committee on Ethnic Minority Elderly Chairperson: Josepha A. Cheong, M.D.

CW31. How to Launch a Successful Private Practice: Part II APA Assembly Committee of Early Career Psychiatrists Co-Chairpersons: William E. Callahan Jr., M.D., and Keith W. Young, M.D.

CW32. Legal Issues in Psychiatric Private Practice APA Committee on Private Practice Chairperson: Thomas K. Ciesla, M.D.

Issue Workshops

IW51. How the Theory of Evolution Is Fundamental to Our Biopsychosocial ModelChairperson: John R. Evaldson, M.D.

IW52. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment: Prolonged Exposure for Treatment of Trauma VictimsCo-Chairpersons: Abbas Azadian, M.D., and Ari E. Zaretsky, M.D.

IW53. The Consumer Perspective in Psychiatric EducationCo-Chairpersons: Fernando Rodriguez-Villa, M.D. Anne Whitman, Ph.D.

IW54. Folktales and Movies: Using the Media to Learn About CultureCo-Chairpersons: Sandra Sexson, M.D. Arden D. Dingle, M.D.

IW55. Poems on PsychiatryChairperson: Charles R. Joy, M.D.

IW56. Community Psychiatry: How to Avoid Being a Psychotech Slave Chained to the Pill BoxChairperson: Charles W. Huffine Jr., M.D.

IW57. Early Career Psychiatrist: Role of MentorshipCo-Chairpersons: Gabriela Cora-Locatelli, M.D., and Edward F. Foulks, M.D.

IW58. Clinical and Forensic Aspects of Sexual Harassment in SchoolsChairperson: Malkah T. Notman, M.D.

IW59. Students Discussing Why They Have Chosen a Psychiatric Career in 2000Co-Chairpersons: Michael F. Myers, M.D., and Leah J. Dickstein, M.D.

Noon-1:30 p.m.


4. Substance Abuse in the Severely Mentally IllChairperson: Rodrigo A. Munoz, M.D.

5. Here’s Looking at You! Self-Reflection in Psychotherapy APA Commission on Psychotherapy by Psychiatrists Chairperson: Jerald Kay, M.D.

6. Presidential Forum: Confidentiality and Medical Record Privacy in the 21st CenturyChairperson: Daniel B. Borenstein, M.D.

7. Trauma, PTSD, and Personal Disorders: Understanding the ConnectionsChairperson: Randall D. Marshall, M.D.

8. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) Research Planning ProcessChairperson: David J. Kupfer, M.D.

Noon-2 p.m.

New Research Poster Session 6

12:30 p.m.-2 p.m.

Media Session

Session 14. A Journey to Self

24. Fat Chance

1 p.m.-5 p.m.

CME Courses 71-78

2 p.m.-3:30 p.m.


L13. What Do Women Really Want?Donna E. Stewart, M.D., Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series

L14. An Example of Neuropsychoanalytic Research: The Right Hemisphere SyndromeMark L. Solms, Ph.D., International Psychiatrist Lecture Series

2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Media Sessions

Session 15. Psychiatry Goes to the Movies

25. Mr. Death

Session 16. Transplanted Community: The Beat Goes On

26. The Italian Gardens of South Brooklyn

27. Delta Jews

28. A Wok in Progress


S30. Professional Boundaries and Training in Psychiatry: A Comprehensive View

A. Critical Issues in Education About Boundaries for Physicians and Others Gregg E. Gorton, M.D.

B. Adapting and Expanding Boundaries: Training in and Outside Psychiatry Gail E. Robinson, M.D.

C. Boundaries in a Broader Context: A Swiss Psychiatric Perspective Werner Tschan, M.D.

D. Preventive and Remedial Boundaries Training: Effective Tools and Methods Gary R. Schoener, Psy.D.

S31. The Role of Antidepressants in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: Pro and Con

A. Antidepressant-Induced Mania: Overview of Current Controversies Joseph F. Goldberg, M.D.

B. Efficacy and Safety of Antidepressants in Bipolar II Disorder Jay D. Amsterdam, M.D.

C. Long-Term Risks With the Use of Antidepressants in Bipolar Disorder S. Nassir Ghaemi, M.D.

D. Diagnosis and Treatment of the Bipolar Spectrum: A Clinician’s Perspective Jacob J. Katzow, M.D.

S32. Physiology and Behavior: The Connection in Eating Disorders

A. Personality Features and Monoamine Function in Eating Disorders Francesca Brambilla, M.D.

B. Cognitive Dysfunction in Eating Disorders: Relationships With Neuroendocrine Indices Silvana Galderisi, M.D.

C. Role of Leptin in Eating Disorders Palmiero Monteleone, M.D.

D. Fluvoxamine in Relapse Prevention of Bulimia Nervosa Manfred M. Fichter, M.D.

S33. Evidence-Based Management of SSRI Antidepressant-Associated Sexual Dysfunction

A. Sildenafil for Management of Antidepressant-Associated Sexual Dysfunction H. George Nurnberg, M.D.

B. Avoidance of SSRI-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Harry A. Croft, M.D.

C. The Prevalence, Assessment, and Course of Antidepressant-Associated Sexual Dysfunction Paula L. Hensley, M.D.

D. Psychotropic Antidotes for Antidepressant-Related Sexual Dysfunction Lawrence A. Labbate, M.D.

E. Assessing Sexual Dysfunction in Women: Impact of Sex Hormones Julia K. Warnock, M.D.

S34. Clinical Issues in Bipolar Disorder: The Stanley Foundation Bipolar Network

A. The Treatment of Bipolar Depression Robert M. Post, M.D.

B. Early Trauma and Bipolar Disorder Gabriele S. Leverich, M.S.W.

C. Gender Difference in Bipolar Disorder: Alcohol Abuse Comorbidity Mark A. Frye, M.D.

D. Correlates and Management of Overweight in Bipolar Disorder Susan L. McElroy, M.D.

E. New Antiepileptics in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Paul E. Keck Jr., M.D.

S35. Substance Use and Psychosis: Tackling the Chicken-and-Egg Problem

A. Using the Psychiatric Research Interview for Substance and Mental Disorders to Diagnose Psychotic Disorders in Substance Abusers Deborah S. Hasin, Ph.D.

B. Autonomous Drug-Induced Psychosis: State of the Evidence Nashaat N. Boutros, M.D.

C. Illness Course of Substance-Induced and Primary Psychotic Disorders Carol L.M. Caton, Ph.D.

D. Differential Diagnosis of Psychosis in Drug Abusers Richard N. Rosenthal, M.D.

E. The Impact of Substance Abuse: Dependence on Diagnosing Patients With Psychosis Mark J. Sedler, M.D.

S36. Black Rage, White Supremacists, Psychiatry, and Criminal Law

A. Black Rage: Myths and Realities Michael M. Welner, M.D.

B. White Supremacists: Psychiatry Beneath the Hate James F. Hooper, IV, M.D.

C. Ethnic Rage: Guidelines for Forensic Psychiatric Assessment Michael M. Welner, M.D.

S37. The Biopsychosocial Model: Social Perspectives American Association for Social Psychiatry

A. Theoretical Perspectives Gerald J. Sarwer-Foner, M.D.

B. Integrational Perspectives Tanya M. Luhrmann, Ph.D.

C. Psychotherapy Perspectives Edward F. Foulks, M.D.

D. Biological Perspectives Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D.

E. Social Perspectives Joel S. Feiner, M.D.

S38. The Use of Cholinesterase Inhibitors in Clinical Practice

A. Evidence-Based Medicine as Applied to Treatment Decisions in Alzheimer’s Disease Lon S. Schneider, M.D.

B. Efficacy and Risks of Marketed Cholinesterase Inhibitors Pierre Tarriot, M.D.

C. Long-Term Treatment: Is There Evidence for Safety and Efficacy? Lon S. Schneider, M.D.

D. Assessing Efficacy in Day-to-Day Practice: Opportunities and Barriers William E. Reichman, M.D.

E. Using the Cholinesterase Inhibitors in Clinical Practice Constantine G. Lyketsos, M.D.

S39. Personality and Psychopathology: A Behavior-Genetic Perspective

A. Behavioral-Genetic Perspectives on the Comorbidity of Behavior Kerry L. Jang, Ph.D.

B. Causal Connections Between Impulsive Personality Traits and Externalizing Disorders Robert F. Krueger, Ph.D.

C. Born Fearful: Heritability of Avoidant and Social Anxiety Related Traits Murray B. Stein, M.D.

D. Etiological Relationships Among Personality Disorders and Axis I Disorders John Livesley, M.D.

S40. The Use of Force in Psychiatry: When Is It Helpful and When Is It Not: Part I American Association of Community Psychiatrists

A. Seclusion and Restraint Update Nicholas Meyers, J.D.

B. Use of Force With Older Adults Cornelia K. Beck, Ph.D.

C. Use-of-Force Issues for Persons in Police Custody and Corrections Settings Randolph T. Dupont, Ph.D.

D. The Use of Force: Consumer Perspective Frank D. Burgman

E. The Use of Force: Staff Perspective Richard O’Dea, R.N.

S41. Bipolar Disorder: Current Guidelines, Practices, and Effectiveness Research

A. Current Treatment Guideline Recommendations for Bipolar Disorder Robert M.A. Hirschfeld, M.D.

B. Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder (STEP-BD) Study Design and Sample Characteristics Gary S. Sachs, M.D.

C. The Texas Implementation of Medication Algorithms for Bipolar Disorder Patricia Suppes, M.D.

D. Treatment of Bipolar Disorder in Routine Practice Joyce C. West, M.P.P.

S42. Teaching Ethics to Psychiatric ResidentsAPA Ethics Committee

A. Teaching About Boundary Violations in a Psychiatry Ethics Course Peter B. Gruenberg, M.D.

B. Practical Ethics in Treatment of Children William Arroyo, M.D.

C. Teaching About the Ethics of Confidentiality David S. Wahl, M.D.

D. Ethical Aspects of Gifts From Patients Edward Hanin, M.D.

E. Forensic Issues in the Practice of Ethical Psychiatry Wade C. Myers, M.D.

S43. Music Therapy: Integrated Art and Science in Health Care

A. The Mozart Phenomenon: Myth and Reality Bryan C. Hunter, Ph.D.

B. Music Therapy in Neurologic Rehabilitation: A Scientific Model of Rhythmicity in Brain Function Michael H. Thaut, Ph.D.

C. Music Therapy Outcome Research in Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease Alicia A. Clair, Ph.D.

D. Music Therapy in Psychosocial Care and Pain Management Deforia L. Lane, Ph.D.

E. The Effect of Drumming on Immune System Modulation Barry B. Bittman, M.D.

S44. Cultural Influences on the Psychiatric Treatment of Women

A. Mental Health Treatment of Chinese Women: Issues and Opportunities Henry Chung, M.D.

B. Cultural Issues in the Psychiatric Treatment of Orthodox Jewish Women Michelle E. Friedman, M.D.

C. Cultural Influences in Psychiatric Treatment of Indian Women Nalini V. Juthani, M.D.

D. Treating Latino Women Patients: Clinical Challenges Silvia W. Olarte, M.D.

E. Emerging Issues in Psychiatric Treatment for African-American Women Altha J. Stewart, M.D.

S45. Feeding, Eating, and Eating Disorders: The Development of Disordered Eating

A. Early Influences on Disordered Eating W. Stewart Agras, M.D.

B. The Association of Television Exposure With Disordered Eating Among Ethnic Fijian Adolescent Girls Anne E. Becker, M.D.

C. Cultural Change as a Risk Factor for Eating Disorder: The Case of Eastern Europe Katarzyna Bisaga, M.D.

D. Gender Differences in 5HT Function: A Risk Factor for Anorexia Nervosa? Evelyn Attia, M.D.

E. Body-Fat Distribution Before and After Weight Gain in Anorexia Nervosa Laurel Mayer, M.D.

S46. National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) Revisited: Implementation of Independent Capacity Assessment

A. National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC) Recommendation for Independent Capacity Assessment: Overview and Implications for Research Catherine A. Roca, M.D.

B. Methods to Assess Decision-Making Capacity Paul S. Appelbaum, M.D.

C. Validating Informed Consent: Process and Verification William T. Carpenter Jr., M.D.

D. Greater Than Minimal Risk Research With Vulnerable Subjects: A View From the National Institute of Mental Health Intramural Research Program Donald L. Rosenstein, M.D.

S47. Treatment Pathways (Algorithms) in Managing Depression

A. Theory and Models of Treatment Algorithms Michael Linden, M.D.

B. Algorithm-Guided Treatment Versus Treatment as Usual: Randomized Trial in Inpatients With Depression Michael Bauer, M.D.

C. Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP): Results for Major Depressive Disorder Madhukar H. Trivedi, M.D.

D. Issues in Implementing Algorithms: Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) and Star D Experiences A. John Rush, M.D.

S48. The Trauma of Bereavement: A New Paradigm

A. Measurement and Diagnosis of Traumatic Grief Holly G. Prigerson, Ph.D.

B. Traumatic Grief Therapy M. Katherine Shear, M.D.

C. Bereavement After Violent Dying: Description and Conceptual Frame Edward K. Rynearson, M.D.

D. Clinical Screening Battery, Treatment Implications, and Short-Term Group Intervention Outcomes Jennifer L. Favell, Ph.D.

E. Pharmacologic Treatment of Bereavement Complications Sidney Zisook, M.D.

S49. Psychotherapy Viewed From a Basic Science—Social Brain PerspectiveThe World Psychiatric Association

A. Sociophysiological Exegesis of Michels’ " Thinking While Listening" Russell Gardner, M.D.

B. Psychiatry and Biological Psychotherapy Frank G. Koerselman, M.D.

C. Memes, Mutual Suggestion, and Psychotherapy John O. Beahrs, M.D.

S50. How to Launch a Successful Private Practice: Part IIIAPA Committee of Early Career Psychiatrists and APA Assembly Committee of Early Career Psychiatrists

A. Personal Factors Leading to a Successful Private Practice Ann S. Maloney, M.D.

B. Office Location and Design for Efficiency and Success Barry W. Wall, M.D.

C. Streamlining Overhead and Managing Your Business in Private Practice Keith W. Young, M.D.

D. Marketing Your Unique Private Practice William E. Callahan Jr., M.D.

S51. Thinking About Mind and Brain: Psychoanalysts and Neuroscientists Converse: Part IIAmerican Academy of Psychoanalysis and American Psychoanalytic Association

A. Affect Theory: Neurobiological Findings and Psychological Structures Otto F. Kernberg, M.D.

B. A Biological Analysis of Transference Mark G. Barad, M.D.

C. Primitive Dreams and Neurophysiological Markers of Borderline or Psychotic States Michael H. Stone, M.D.

D. Early Empirical Psychoanalytic Research and Modern Neuroscience Samuel Slipp, M.D.

S52. Psychotherapeutic Aspects of HIV

A. Epidemiology: Shifting Populations, Shifting Cultural Concerns Warren M. Liang, M.D.

B. What Role Do Psychiatrists Have in Providing Baseline and Continuing HIV Counseling and Testing? Robert S. Stasko, M.D.

C. Psychotherapy With People Living With HIV Marshall Forstein, M.D.

D. Therapeutic Interventions With the High-Risk Patient Kenneth B. Ashley, M.D.

S53. A Most Common Challenge: The Dual-Diagnosed Patient

A. Treatment of Patients With Bipolar Disorders and Alcoholism Richard J. Frances, M.D.

B. Treatment of Comorbid Bipolar Disorder and Cocaine Addiction David A. Gorelick, M.D.

C. Treatment of Patients With Bipolar Disorders and Heroin Abuse Herbert D. Kleber, M.D.

D. Group Psychotherapy for Bipolar Patients With Substance Abuse Mark J. Albanese, M.D.

E. Individual Psychotherapy With the Dual-Diagnosed Patient George E. Woody, M.D.

S54. Psychopharmacology of BPD

A. Olanzapine Treatment of Female Borderline Patients Mary C. Zanarini, Ed.D.

B. Divalproex Sodium Treatment of Women With BPD Frances R. Frankenburg, M.D.

C. SSRIs in BPD: Unresolved Issues Paul S. Links, M.D.

D. Medication Choice in BPD Kenneth R. Silk, M.D.

E. Impulsivity: The Primary Target Symptom in BPD Joel F. Paris, M.D.

S55. Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Long-Term Outcome

A. Therapist Interventions in Completed Psychoanalyses: The Penn Psychoanalytic Treatment Collection Elisabeth Banon, M.D.

B. Changes in Defensive Functioning in Completed Psychoanalyses: The Penn Collection Carmella Roy, M.D.

C. A Follow-Along Study of Change in Long-Term Psychotherapy Michael P. Bond, M.D.

D. The Austen Riggs Follow-Along Study: Five-Year Outcome John C. Perry, M.D.

E. The Impact of Psychotherapy on the Brain Glen O. Gabbard, M.D.

S56. Closing the Efficacy/Effectiveness Gap in Psychopharmacology

A. The Gap Between Research Versus Clinical Outcomes of Pharmacotherapy Henry A. Nasrallah, M.D.

B. Policies Regarding Novel Antipsychotic Prescribing Greer Sullivan, M.D.

C. Strategies for Implementing Schizophrenia Guidelines Richard R. Owen Jr., M.D.

D. The Quality of Medication Treatment for Schizophrenia Alexander S. Young, M.D.

E. Administrative Barriers to Closing the Efficacy and Effectiveness Gap Kathryn J. Kotrla, M.D.

S57. Voyeurism in the New Millennium: A Prime-Time Obsession?

A. From Scopophila to Survivor: Psychiatric Approaches to Voyeurism Jonathan M. Metzl, M.D.

B. Voyeurism and Cinema Lee H. Rome, M.D.

C. Voyeurism and the Internet Robert A. Kowatch, M.D.

D. Adolescents, Voyeurism, and the Internet Norman E. Alessi, M.D.

S58. Beyond Mind and Brain: Considering the Patient’s World View

A. The Weltanschauung of Sigmund Freud: Clinical Implications Armand M. Nicholi Jr., M.D.

B. Clinical Psychiatry and Spirituality: Another Level of Integration Allan M. Josephson, M.D.

C. Suffering and the Patient’s World View John R. Peteet, M.D.

D. World Views and Hope in Psychiatry Leigh C. Bishop, M.D.

E. A Clinician Looks at Patients and Their World Views Irving S. Wiesner, M.D.

S59. Body Image Disorders in Men

A. The Prevalence of Body Image Disorders Among the Male Population David Castle, M.D.

B. Body Image in Males Arnold Anderson

C. BDD: An Underrecognized Body Image Disorder in Men Katharine A. Phillips, M.D.

D. Body Image and Muscle Dysmorphia in Men Roberto Olivardia, M.A.

E. Illicit Anabolic Steroid Use: Risk Factors and Psychosexual Effects William R. Yates, M.D.

S60. Reduction of Chronic Benzodiazepine Use: A Myth and Reality

A. Benzoredux Study: A Two-Phase Approach to Reduce Chronic Benzodiazepine Use Richard C. Oude Voshaar, M.D.

B. How to Stop Chronic Benzodiazepine Use in Depressed Patients Jaap E. Couvee, M.S.C.

C. Memory Impairment in Patients Who Attempted Suicide by Benzodiazepine Overdose Bas Verwey, M.D.

D. Benzodiazepine Craving Audrey J. Mol, M.S.C.

E. Assessing Benzodiazepine Dependence: Development of the Benzodiazepine Dependence Self-Report Questionnaire Cornelius C. Kan, M.D.

S61. Reform, Resident Training, Contemporary Practice, and the Public’s Health

A. Aligning Resident Training and Workforce Proficiency: Is Reform Necessary? Leighton Y. Huey, M.D.

B. Changing Academic Psychiatry for Clinical Care Joseph A. Flaherty, M.D.

C. The Dartmouth Experience: Reform in Psychiatry Residency, Five Years Out Ronald L. Green, M.D.

D. Strategies for Catalyzing Change in Residency Training Programs Michael Hoge, Ph.D.

S62. Psychotropic Use During Pregnancy and Lactation: More Data and Evolving Debate

A. Psychotropic Use During Pregnancy and Lactation: Weighing the Risks Lee S. Cohen, M.D.

B. Psychotropic Medication Use During the Peripartum Period Kimberly A. Yonkers, M.D.

C. Controversial Issues in the Treatment of Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Katherine L. Wisner, M.D.

D. Monitoring the Nursing Infant: Measures and Interpretations Zachary S. Stowe, M.D.

S63. The Psychiatric Consequences of Stress

A. PTSD in a Developmental Matrix: Evaluation and Treatment Robert S. Pynoos, M.D.

B. Inner-City Violence and PTSD William B. Lawson, M.D.

C. Collective Trauma and African-American Health Disparities Mindy J. Fullilove, M.D.

D. Psychobiology of PTSD Dennis S. Charney, M.D.

E. Pharmacotherapy for PTSD Matthew J. Friedman, M.D.

Telecommunication Session

Session 2. Digital Systems: Information Systems in the Office

4. Electronic Medical Record: Psychiatric Survival Tool for the Decade

5. The CAPER System: Patient Assessment and Treatment Planning Software

6. Booting Up Your Practice: Computerized Record Keeping in Psychiatry

7. Interfaced Information Systems: Networked Office

2 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Review of Psychiatry, Part III: Integrated Treatment: An Overview Chairperson: Jerald Kay, M.D.

11. Psychodynamic Therapy and Medication: Can Treatments in Conflict Be Integrated? Steven P. Roose, M.D.

12. Integrated Treatment Planning for BPD John M. Oldham, M.D.

13. Integrated Treatment of Substance Abuse Disorders Douglas M. Ziedonis, M.D.

14. The Challenges of Split Treatment Michelle Riba, M.D.

15. A Cognitive Therapy Approach to Medication Compliance Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

3 p.m.-5 p.m.

New Research Poster Session 7

7 p.m.-10 p.m.

Industry-Supported Symposia

IS33. Recognition and Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease: Practical Lessons From New ResearchSupported by Eisai Inc., Pfizer Inc.

A. Alzheimer’s Disease: Integrating Mind and Brain Jeffrey L. Cummings, M.D.

B. An Update on Brain Imaging and Genetic Risk in Alzheimer’s Disease Assessment Gary W. Small, M.D.

C. Pathogenesis and Treatment Strategies in Alzheimer’s Disease Rachelle S. Doody, M.D.

D. The Interface of Depression and Dementia Davangere P. Devanand, M.D.

E. Long-Term Benefits of Early Pharmacologic Treatment Pierre N. Tariot, M.D.

F. Rediscovering Nonpharmacologic Approaches to Behavior and Function Kevin F. Gray, M.D.

IS34. Everyday Challenges in Managing Patients on Psychotropic MedicationsSupported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

A. Approaches to Optimizing Therapies Across Psychiatric Diagnoses: Remission Is the Goal Charles B. Nemeroff, M.D.

B. Optimizing Patient Outcomes Across Psychiatric Diagnoses: Focus on Safety and Tolerability John M. Zajecka, M.D.

C. Special Challenges When Using Psychotropic Medications in Children and Adolescents Karen D. Wagner, M.D.

D. Special Challenges When Using Psychotropic Medications in the Geriatric Population K. Ranga R. Krishnan, M.D.

IS35. Off-Label on the Table: Using New Pharmacological AgentsSupported by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

A. Symptoms, Syndrome, or Spectrum: How Do We Select Medications? A Clinical Case Vignette William M. Glazer, M.D.

B. Atypical Antipsychotics in the Treatment of Aggressive Behaviors Paul E. Keck Jr., M.D.

C. The Role of Antidepressant Medications for Aggressive Behaviors Jonathan E. Alpert, M.D.

D. The Role of Mood Stabilizers for Aggressive Behavior Alan C. Swann, M.D.

E. Synthesis: Spectrum Versus Signal Jerrold F. Rosenbaum, M.D.

IS36. Men, Women, and Schizophrenia: Does Anatomy Determine Destiny?Supported by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

A. Normal Sexual Brain Dimorphism: Impact on Schizophrenia in Men and Women Jill M. Goldstein, Ph.D.

B. Outcome and Treatment Response in Schizophrenia: Influences of Gender Peter F. Buckley, M.D.

C. Male-Female Difference in Schizophrenia: A Biopsychosocial Perspective Mary V. Seeman, M.D.

D. Neuroendocrine Side Effects of Antipsychotic Treatment on Men and Women Diana O. Perkins, M.D.

E. Gender Differences in Late-Life Schizophrenia and Its Treatment Dilip V. Jeste, M.D.

IS37. Images of Anxiety: A New Look at GAD and PTSDSupported by SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals

A. Update on Neuroimaging Jack M. Gorman, M.D.

B. The Anxious Brain: GAD and PTSD Jeremy D. Coplan, M.D.

C. The Comorbidity Factor in GAD and PTSD James C. Ballenger, M.D.

D. An Update on PTSD Rachel Yehuda, Ph.D.

E. Current Concepts in the Diagnosis and Treatment of GAD David V. Sheehan, M.D.

IS38. Responding to the Challenge of Treating Bipolar DisorderSupported by Glaxo Wellcome Inc.

A. Novel Aspects of Lithium Therapy in Bipolar Disorder Guy M. Goodwin, M.D.

B. Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Mood Stabilization in Bipolar Disorder Husseini K. Manji, M.D.

C. Exploring Novel Treatment Strategies for Bipolar Disorder Patricia Suppes, M.D.

D. Combination Treatment With Atypical Antipsychotic Agents in Bipolar Disorder Carlos A. Zarate Jr., M.D.

IS39. Current and Future Management of Insomnia and Psychiatric IllnessesSupported by Sanofi-Synthelabo Inc.

A. The Correlation Between Insomnia and Psychiatric Illnesses Ruth M. Benca, M.D.

B. The Neurobiology of Sleep in Health and Psychiatric Illness Daniel J. Buysse, M.D.

C. Comparative Management of Insomnia: Worldwide Perspectives Goran Hajak, M.D.

D. Safety and Tolerability Issues in the Treatment of Insomnia David J. Greenblatt, M.D.

Media Sessions

Session 17. Psychiatry Goes to the Movies

29. The Matrix

Session 18. Psychiatry Goes to the Movies

30. Sankofa ▪

Interactive Graphics


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