Preliminary Program
Preliminary Program: MONDAY MAY23
Psychiatric News
Volume 40 Number 4 page 14-24

7 a.m.-8:30 a.m.

Industry-Supported Breakfast Symposia IS31. Agitation and Psychosis in Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease (Part 1)Supported by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

A. Diagnosis and Assessment of Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease Daniel Weintraub, M.D.

B. Imaging and Neurobiological Underpinnings: Psychosis and Agitation David L. Sultzer, M.D.

C. Efficacy and Tolerability of Atypical Antipsychotics in Agitation and Psychosis: Research Results Pierre N. Tariot, M.D.

IS32. Managing the Spectrum of Bipolar Disorder: Minimizing the Burden of Disease (Part 1)Supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

A. Pathophysiologic Approach to the Diagnosis and Management of Bipolar Disorder Claudia F. Baldassano, M.D.

B. Optimizing Pharmacotherapy in the Treatment of Acute Mania Terence A. Ketter, M.D.

IS33. Advances in the Treatment of Mood and Anxiety Disorders in Women (Part 1)Supported by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

A. Anxiety Disorders in Women Teresa A. Pigott, M.D.

B. Antidepressant Treatment of PMS and PMDD Susan G. Kornstein, M.D.


Meet the Experts: Sunny-Side Up

7:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

Registration/Course Enrollment Open

8 a.m.-Noon

CME Courses 33-40

8 a.m.-5 p.m.

CME Course 41

9 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Clinical Case Conference 1. Jeffrey Akaka, M.D., Edward F. Foulks, M.D., Leslie H. Gise, M.D., Susan Stabinsky, M.D., on House Call: Treading on Privacy in Public Psychiatry (for APA members only)

Debate: Resolved: Second-Generation Antipsychotics Are Superior in Safety and Efficacy to First-Generation AntipsychoticsModerator: Richard E. D'Alli, M.D.; Affirmative: Ira D. Glick, M.D., John M. Davis, M.D.; Negative: Rajiv Tandon, M.D.


1. Antoinette Ambrosino-Wyszynski, M.D., on Medically Cleared for Transfer to Psychiatry: How to Evaluate the Medical Patient With Changed Mental Status (Meet the Authors; for residents only)

2. Herbert D. Kleber, M.D., on Prescription Drug Abuse: The Psychiatrist's Role in Recognition, Prevention, and Management

3. Maria A. Oquendo, M.D., on Suicidal Behavior in Major Mood Disorders Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

4. Nada L. Stotland, M.D., on Practical Psychosomatics: Treating Women Patients

5. Jon E. Grant, M.D., on Pathological Gambling and Its Clinical Management (Meet the Authors)

Focus Live Session 1.Presenter: Alan F. Schatzberg, M.D., on Major Depressive Disorder


L2. Human Psychiatric Disorders: Genetic Models in MiceEric R. Kandel, M.D., Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture Series; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

L3. Terrorism and Disaster: Population Mental Health ApproachesBeverley Raphael, M.D., International Psychiatrist Lecture Series

L4. Administrative Adventures in Public Psychiatry: 1967-2005Gabriel Koz, M.D., APA's Administrative Psychiatry Award Lecture

Master Educator Clinical Consultations

1. Kenneth Silk, M.D., on Clinical and Pharmacologic Management of BPD Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

2. Michelle B. Riba, M.D., on Split and Integrated Treatment: Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy (for APA members only)



Component Workshops

CW1. Managed Care: Past, Present, and FutureAPA Committee on Managed Care; Chairperson: Lawrence B. Lurie, M.D.

CW2. Keeping APA Practice Guidelines Current: Alzheimer's, Delirium, and Eating DisordersAPA Steering Committee on Practice Guidelines; Chairperson: John S. McIntyre, M.D.

CW3. What Not to Do: The Media Talks Back About Public AffairsAPA Committee on Public Affairs; Co-Chairpersons: Marc Graff, M.D., Lydia Sermons-Ward

CW4. Psychiatric Leadership: Putting Out Fires and Beyond!APA Committee on Psychiatric Administration and Management; Chairperson: Stuart B. Silver, M.D.

CW5. Early Career Psychiatrists as LeadersAPA Assembly Committee of Early Career Psychiatrists; Chairperson: Adam R. Chester, D.O.

CW6. Children Under Fire: Enhancing Psychiatry's Global ResponseAPA Corresponding Committee on Juvenile Justice Issues; Chairperson: Niranjan S. Karnik, M.D.

CW7. Serodiscordant Couples: Issues and Psychodynamics in the Third Decade of AIDSAPA New York County District Branch's AIDS Committee; Chairperson: Elizabeth V. Getter, M.D.

CW8. 10 Ways to Stay Out of Trouble: Ethics and EtiquetteAPA Ethics Appeal Board; Chairperson: Spencer Eth, M.D.

CW9. U.S. Research and Services Bridge With Latin AmericaAPA Councilon Global Psychiatry; Co-Chairpersons: Rodrigo A. Muñoz, M.D., Pedro Ruiz, M.D.

CW10. Funding for Psychiatry: From the Irrational and RationalAPA Council on Healthcare Systems and Financing; Co-Chairpersons: Barry F. Chaitin, M.D., Selby C. Jacobs, M.D.

CW11. Somatization and Stigma in Asians: Cultural Challenges in PracticeAPA Committee of Asian-American Psychiatrists; Chairperson: John Luo, M.D.

CW12. Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Family: Domestic Violence, Cross-Cultural, and Ethnic InfluencesAPA Alliance Co-Chairpersons: Carole L. Warshaw, M.D., Cathy Tasman


IW1. Treating PTSD: Combining Psychotherapy and PharmacotherapyCo-Chairpersons: Lewis A. Opler, M.D., Kristina H. Muenzenmaier, M.D.

IW2. Oral Boards Boot Camp UpdatedCo-Chairpersons: Elyse D. Weiner, M.D., Eric D. Peselow, M.D.

IW3. Cognitive Therapy for Personality DisordersChairperson: Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

IW4. Doctor, Why Do I Still Have This Pain? The Physician's Psychosomatic DilemmaCo-Chairpersons: Don R. Lipsitt, M.D., Malkah T. Notman, M.D.

IW5. Risk Management Issues in Psychiatric PracticeChairperson: Alan I. Levenson, M.D.

IW6. Managing Distress and Psychiatric Disorder After TerrorismCo-Chairpersons: Farris Tuma, Sc.D., Anthony T. Ng, M.D.; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

IW7. The Psychiatric Consequences of the World Trade Center Attack in Disaster Relief WorkersChairperson: JoAnn Difede, Ph.D.; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

IW8. Mental Health of Physicians: Whose Business Is It?Chairperson: Jeffrey L. Clothier, M.D.

IW9. Physician Suicide: What Can Be Done?Chairperson: Thomas E. Hansen, M.D.

IW10. Jealous Delusions, Gummas, and EEG TracingsCo-Chairpersons: Sherri M. Simpson, M.D., James N. Flack, M.D.

IW11. Psychiatrists' Involvement in Workplace SafetyChairperson: Marie-Claude Rigaud, M.D.

IW12. Issues and Challenges in Integrating Interpersonal Psychotherapy Into Psychiatry DepartmentsChairperson: Heather Flynn, Ph.D.

IW13. Diagnostic Issues for Infancy and Early Childhood: A White Paper forDSM-V Chairperson: Michael S. Scheeringa, M.D.

9 a.m.-Noon

Continuous Clinical Case Conference 1.Eva M. Szigethy, M.D., John Campo, M.D., David DeMaso, M.D., Eyal Shemesh, M.D., on Control What You Can: Successful Treatment of Teenagers in Chronic Pain (Part 1) (for APA members only)


MW1. "Fixing Frank": The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Psychotherapy With Gay MenChairperson: Petros Levounis, M.D.

MW2. Postgenocide Psychological Trauma in Film: Forbidden GamesCo-Chairpersons: Maurice Preter, M.D., Harold Bursztajn, M.D.

MW3. "Super Size Me": Exploring Causes, Effects, and Solutions to Obesity in Children and AdolescentsCo-Chairpersons: Patricia A. Daly, M.D., Lois T. Flaherty, M.D.

9 a.m.-4 p.m.

CME Courses 42-48

10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Exhibits Open APA Member Center Open Publishers' Bookfair Open

10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Advances in Research Research Frontiers: Bridging Psychiatry and MedicineAPA Scientific Program Committee and APA Council on Research; Chairperson: Herbert Pardes, M.D.; Co-Chairpersons: Marian I. Butterfield, M.D., John F. Greden, M.D.

11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


6. Carl C. Bell, M.D., on Tips on How to Be an Effective Psychiatrist (for residents only)

7. Mary Jane Massie, M.D., on Breast Cancer: Issues in Psychotherapy

8. Jon G. Allen, Ph.D., on Coping With Trauma (Meet the Authors)

Focus Live Session 2.Presenter: Jennifer G. Gotto, M.D., on Psychosomatic Medicine: Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Beyond


L5. Stress and the Mind-Body Connection: Lessons From NeuroendocrinologyBruce S. McEwen, Ph.D., Frontiers of Science Lecture Series; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

L6. The Future of Psychiatric Education: Six Bridges to CrossAPA/NIMH Vestermark Psychiatry Educator Award Lecture

Master Educator Clinical Consultations

3. Prakash S. Masand, M.D., on Treatment-Refractory Depression (for APA members only)

4. Marion Zucker-Goldstein, M.D., on Case-Centered Issues in Cognitive and Functional Changes and Other Medical Comorbidities in Aging (for APA members only)

Medical Update 1.Philip R. Muskin, M.D., Richard P. Brown, M.D., on Get Smart Naturally

Research Consultation 1.Larry J. Siever, M.D., on Biological Studies in Personality Disorders Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

Scientific and Clinical Report Sessions Session 1. Psychosomatic Medicine: Integrating Psychiatry and Medicine

2. Teaching Psychosomatic Medicine in Primary Care Residencies: Current Status Hoyle Leigh, M.D.

3. Use of Simulated Patients to Assess Primary Care Physicians' Treatment of Depression Steven A. Epstein, M.D.; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

4. Psychosocial Aspects of Automatic Internal Cardioverter Defibrillator Use Maryam Razavi, M.D.

Session 2. Suicide

5. Exposure to SSRIs Reduces Suicidality in Elderly Patients With Depression Yoram Barak, M.D.

6. Suicidality in Youth With Bipolar Disorder: A Community-Based, Multisite Investigation Ruby C. Castilla-Puentes, M.D.

7. Peripheral Benzodiazepine Receptors in Suicide Donatella Marazziti, M.D.

Session 3. Issues in Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy

8. A Combined Treatment Approach for Adults With ADHD: Results of a Pilot Study of 45 Patients Anthony L. Rostain, M.D.

9. Characteristics of Diversion and Misuse of ADHD Medications Timothy E. Wilens

10. Combined Treatment of Venlafaxine and ECT in Treatment-Resistant Depressive Patients Nesrin Dilbaz, M.D.

Session 4. ADHD

11. Sleep Hygiene and Melatonin Treatment for ADHD Sleep-Onset Delay Margaret D. Weiss, M.D.

12. Comorbidity Differences in ADHD Throughout the Life Cycle Atilla Turgay, M.D.

13. ADHD Symptoms and Behavior Improved With Modafinil Pediatric Formulation Laurence L. Greenhill, M.D.

Session 5. Issues in Bipolar Disorder

14. Excess Mortality in Bipolar and Unipolar Disorder Urban P. Osby, M.D.

15. Do Antidepressants Help or Hinder Recovery From Mixed Mania? Joseph F. Goldberg, M.D.

16. Mixed Episodes: Illness Characteristics Gary S. Sachs, M.D.

Session 6. Psychotherapy

17. Affect Change in Dreams in Psychotherapy Milton Kramer, M.D.

18. The Empathic Stance Steven H. Lipsius, M.D.

19. Creative Thinking: A Door to the Interior Life That Enhances the Psychotherapeutic Process Rosa A. Chavez-Eakle, M.D.

Session 7. Safety and Efficacy in Antipsychotic Therapies

20. Efficacy and Safety of Ziprasidone in First-Episode Psychosis Tonmoy Sharma, M.D.

21. Atypical Antipsychotics and Falls in the Elderly Ira R. Katz, M.D.

22. Metabolic Syndrome in Schizophrenia Hannu J. Koponen, M.D.

Session 8. Cross-Cultural and Minority Issues

23. Ethnicity and the Prediction of Substance Abuse in Hospitalized Adolescents Daniel F. Becker, M.D.

24. Stigmatization of Mental Illnesses Among Chinese Psychiatric Patients in China and the U.S. Albert Yeung, M.D.; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

25. Use of the PHQ9 for Screening and Treatment of Major Depressive Disorders in Chinese Americans Frederick Y. Huang, M.D.

Session 9. Personality Disorders

26. Emotion Processing in BPD: An fMRI Perspective Harold W. Koenigsberg, M.D.

27. Personality Traits in Patients With Panic Disorder Mary Anne Pressman, M.D.

28. Is Peripartum Depression a Borderline Condition? Gisèle Apter-Danon, Ph.D.


CW13. Practical Tips on How to Be a Successful AuthorAmerican Psychiatric Publishing Inc. Editorial Board; Chairperson: Robert E. Hales, M.D.

CW14. Psychiatric Ethics in the U.S. and Throughout the WorldAPA Ethics Committee; Co-Chairpersons: Spencer Eth, M.D., and Driss Moussaoui, M.D.

CW15. The Multicultural Dimension of Depression: A Clinical ApproachAPA/AstraZeneca Minority Fellows; Chairperson: Gonzalo E. Laje, M.D.

CW16. Early Diagnosis in Specific Mental Disorders in Toddlers and PreschoolersAPA Corresponding Committee on Infancy and Early Childhood; Co-Chairpersons: Judy S. McKay, M.D., Harry H. Wright, M.D.

CW17. Gender Benders: Psychiatric Aspects of Transgender CareAPA New York County District Branch's Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues; Chairperson: Serena Yuan Volpp, M.D.


IW14. Ethnicity and Psychopharmacology: Research and Clinical ImplicationsCo-Chairpersons: Pedro Ruiz, M.D., Key-Ming Lim, M.D.

IW15. Making It Happen: Implementing Practice Guidelines in Everyday PracticeChairperson: Rory P. Houghtalen, M.D.

IW16. Practical Clinical Trials Comparing Psychopharmacological TreatmentsCo-Chairpersons: Sandra L. Tunis, Ph.D., Don Buesching, Ph.D.

IW17. Split Therapy: Psychotherapy and Pharmacotherapy Procedures and StrategiesChairperson: Malkah T. Notman, M.D.

IW18. Treatment of Depression DuringPregnancyCo-Chairpersons: Janet A. Martin, M.D., Neil Silverman, M.D.

IW19. Binge-Eating Disorder in Obesity and Implications for Bariatric SurgeryCo-Chairpersons: Jennifer L. McLain, M.D., Edi Cooke, Psy.D.

IW20. Dual-Career Couples: Multiple Roles, Innovative SolutionsAssociation of Women Psychiatrists; Chairperson: Silvia W. Olarte, M.D.

IW21. Practice Restrictions on Physicians: Disability, ADA, and Future EmploymentCo-Chairpersons: Andrea G. Stolar, M.D., Marilyn Price, M.D.

IW22. Research Training and Career Development: NIMH OpportunitiesCo-Chairpersons: Della M. Hann, Ph.D., Joseph R. Calabrese, M.D.; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

IW23. Collaborative Care Models for Depression in Primary CareChairperson: Ann Marie T. Sullivan, M.D.

IW24. Comparing Caregiving Issues of Aging Patients With Schizophrenia and DementiaCo-Chairpersons: Sheila M. Loboprabhu, M.D., Michael D. Jibson, M.D.

IW25. The Psychiatry Resident as Educator: Implementation of a CurriculumCo-Chairpersons: Ruth M. Lamdan, M.D., Autumn Ning, M.D.

IW26. Meeting the Challenges of Correctional Mental Health ResearchChairperson: Robert L. Trestman, M.D.; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

Noon-1:30 p.m.


1. Research Planning forDSM-V APA Committee on Psychiatric Diagnosis and Assessment in Collaboration With the National Institute of Mental Health; Chairperson: Darrel A. Regier, M.D.

2. Should Psychiatrists and Other Mental Health Professionals Take a Lead in Tobacco Dependence Treatment?Chairperson: Jill Williams, M.D.; Co-Chairperson: Douglas M. Ziedonis, M.D.

3. Getting Into Research With African-American PatientsChairperson: Mindy J. Fullilove, M.D.

1 p.m.-2:30 p.m.

New Research Young Investigators' Oral/Slide Sessions 2-4

1 p.m.-5 p.m.

CME Courses 49-57

2 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Focus Live Session 3.Presenters: David L. Kaye, M.D., Eugene V. Beresin, M.D., on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


L7. Epigenetic Programming of Stress Responses Through Variations in Maternal Care: The Nurture of NatureMichael Meaney, Ph.D., Frontiers of Science Lecture Series; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

L8. Temperament, Mood Disorder, and Human NatureHagop S. Akiskal, M.D., APA's George Tarjan Award Lecture

2 p.m.-5 p.m.


1. Advances in Psychosomatic MedicineInternational College of Psychosomatic Medicine; Chairperson: Michelle B. Riba, M.D.; Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

2. Addressing Hepatitis C and Related Diseases in Persons With Severe Mental IllnessChairperson: Marvin S. Swartz, M.D.


S1. Stepps Treatment Model for BPDCollaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

A. Stepps: A New Cognitive Skills Treatment for Borderline Personality Nancee Blum, M.S.W.

B. Randomized Clinical Trial of Stepps Versus Treatment as Usual Donald W. Black, M.D.

C. Can Staff Attitudes Regarding BPD Be Changed? Bruce M. Pfohl, M.D.

D. Introduction of Stepps in the Netherlands Roelof J.A. ten Doesschate, M.D.

S2. 9/11 in New York City: Learning From the Past and Looking to the Future

A. Lessons From 9/11: Psychiatric Care of Victims Scot G. McAfee, M.D.

B. Children and Schools in the Years After a Terror Attack A. Reese Abright, M.D.

C. Vicarious Traumatization of Psychotherapists Lea E. DeFrancisci, M.D.

D. Preventive Interventions Following Acute Trauma Arieh Y. Shalev, M.D.

S3. Queer Think for the Straight Shrink: Expert TipsAmerican Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

A. Queer as Kids: Attitude Enhancement Richard R. Pleak, M.D.

B. High Heels and Show Tunes: Boys Under the Spell Edgardo J. Menvielle, M.D.

C. The L Teen and Lesbian Chic Sarah E. Herbert, M.D.

D. Studs, Stems, and Jotas: Queer Latino Youth Vernon A. Rosario, M.D.

S4. Comorbid Psychosis and Substance Use: Diagnosis, Course, and Outcome

A. Does Longitudinal Follow-Up Improve Diagnostic Accuracy in Dual-Diagnosis Patients? Michael B. First, M.D.

B. The Stability of Early-Phase Psychotic Disorders With Substance Use Deborah S. Hasin, Ph.D.

C. Substance-Induced Psychosis Presages Primary Psychosis Robert Drake, M.D.

D. Outcome of Substance-Induced Psychosis and Primary Psychotic Disorders Carol L.M. Caton

E. The Neurobiology of Substance-Induced Psychoses John H. Krystal, M.D.

S5. A Sex/Gender Research Agenda forDSM-V

A. Opportunities for Advancement in Psychiatric Science: Sex and Gender-Specific Analyses Katherine L. Wisner, M.D.

B. Gender Differences in Rates of Psychiatric Disorders: An Update Myrna M. Weissman, Ph.D.

C. Sex Differences in Neurobiology Margaret Altemus, M.D.

D. Gender Issues in the DSM Kimberly A. Yonkers, M.D.

E. Gender in the History and Future of the DSM Thomas A. Widiger, Ph.D.

S6. Research Advances in Late-Life Mental Disorders: TowardDSM-V Collaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

A. Age-Related Diagnostic Variations: Presentations, Course, and Outcome Dilip V. Jeste, M.D.

B. The Use of Biomarkers in the Elderly: Current and Future Challenges Raquel E. Gur, M.D.

C. Biology and Pathophysiology: Psychosocial and Behavioral Correlates Charles F. Reynolds III, M.D.

D. Comorbidity: Medical and CNS Factors in Late-Life Disorders Susan K. Schultz, M.D.

S7. Health Care Meltdown: What Can We Do?

A. Evaluating One State's Single-Payer Health Care Proposal: Georgia Henry S. Kahn, M.D.

B. How Would a Canadian-Style Single-Payer Health System Impact the Practice of Community Psychiatry in America? Karen M. Hochman, M.D.

C. Working Under a Universal Health Care Plan Jonathan S. Davine, M.D.

D. Fiscal Federalism and Mental Health Care for Homeless Persons Raymond J. Kotwicki, M.D.

S8. Clinical Advances in Early Detection, Prevention, and Treatment of PsychosisCollaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

A. Accurate Prediction of At-Risk Patients Diana O. Perkins, M.D.

B. Family Intervention in the Prodrome of Psychosis William R. McFarlane, M.D.

C. Pharmacological Intervention During the Prodromal Phase Scott W. Woods, M.D.

D. Nonadherence: A Major Risk Factor for Psychosis in Prodromal Adolescents Barbara A. Cornblatt, Ph.D.

E. Reducing Duration of Untreated First-Episode Psychosis Thomas H. McGlashan, M.D.

S9. Clinical Effectiveness Trials in the Real World: Status and Findings of the NIMH Treatment TrialsCollaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

A. Current Status and Controversies in Antipsychotic Drug Effectiveness: Update From the CATIE Study Jeffrey A. Lieberman, M.D.

B. Treatment for Adolescents With Depression Study (TADS) John S. March, M.D.

C. An Update on the STAR*D Trial A. John Rush, M.D.

D. Treatment of Bipolar Depression: Effectiveness of Antidepressants' Observational Outcomes in STEP-BD Gary S. Sachs, M.D.

S10. New Pharmacologic Approaches to AlcoholismAmerican Academy of Addiction Psychiatry

A. Neurochemical Basis for Alcohol Pharmacotherapy Raymond F. Anton Jr., M.D.

B. Matching Serotonergic Medications to Alcoholism Subtypes Henry R. Kranzler, M.A.

C. Combination Medication Strategies for Alcoholism Bankole A. Johnson, M.D.

D. Relationship Between 5HT Transporter Function and Craving Among Hispanic Patients With Alcoholism Nassima Ait-Daoud, M.D.

S11. Carbohydrate Craving and Mood Disorders: New and Complementary Treatments

A. Mediators of Carbohydrate Craving in Depression May Also Shorten Lifespan Philip W. Gold, M.D.

B. An Animal Model of Addiction to Sugar Bartley G. Hoebel, Ph.D.

C. Implications of Carbohydrate Craving in SAD Norman E. Rosenthal, M.D.

D. Atypical Depression, Carbohydrate Craving, and Clinical Response David A. Sack, M.D.

S12. Bereavement, Depression, and PTSD: Boundary and Treatment Issues

A. Grief: Myths, Evidence, and Unresolved Questions George A. Bonanno, Ph.D.

B. Bereavement-Related Depression: Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines Sidney Zisook, M.D.

C. Distinguishing Trauma and Traumatic Loss: PTSD Versus Traumatic Grief Randall D. Marshall, M.D.

D. Depression Following Bereavement and the Occurrence of Comorbid PTSD Paula L. Hensley, M.D.

E. Traumatic Grief and Its Treatment M. Katherine Shear, M.D.

S13. Understanding Complex Mood Disorders: The Role of Personality Variables

A. Personality Dimensions and Disorders: A Psychobiology Update Emil F. Coccaro, M.D.

B. Optimizing Outcome in Patients With Bipolar Disorder and Personality Psychopathology Glenda M. MacQueen, M.D.

C. Key Psychotherapy Issues in Patients With Major Depression and Personality Psychopathology Michael B. Rosenbluth, M.D.

D. The Influence of Personality Variables on Pharmacotherapy Outcomes in Major Depression Sidney H. Kennedy, M.D.

S14. Diagnosis, Assessment, Management, and Quality-of-Life Issues in Adult ADHD

A. Diagnosing Adult ADHD Thomas J. Spencer, M.D.

B. Functional Impairment in Adults With ADHD Margaret D. Weiss, M.D.

C. Pharmacologic Treatment of Adults With ADHD David Goodman, M.D.

D. Measuring Quality of Life in Adults With ADHD Jeanne Landgraf, M.A.

S15. Ethnopsychopharmacology: An Update on Cross-Cultural Aspects of Mood and Anxiety Disorders

A. Ethnopsychopharmacology Update David C. Henderson, M.D.

B. Psychiatric Management of Hispanic Patients: Cross-Cultural Issues and Ethnopsychopharmacology David Mischoulon, M.D.

C. Impact of Cultural Beliefs on the Treatment of Depressed Chinese Americans Albert Yeung, M.D.

D. Mood and Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment in the Asian-Indian Population Rajesh M. Parikh, M.D.

S16. Psychosomatic Medicine: Managing the High Rates of Mortality and Morbidity

A. Poststroke Depression and Mortality Robert G. Robinson, M.D.

B. Heart Failure and Major Depression Carolyn L. Turvey, Ph.D.

C. Mortality and CHD: New Targets for Treatment Studies Francois Lesperance, M.D.

D. The Effect of Antidepressants on Mortality After Stroke Ricardo Jorge, M.D.

S17. Novel Targets for Novel Neuropsychiatric Drugs

A. Neurokinin Receptor Antagonists as Antidepressants and Anxiolytics Klaus Lieb, M.D.

B. Inhibitors of Enkephalin-Degrading Enzymes and Delta Opioid Responses Florence Noble, Ph.D.

C. Discovery of Nonpeptide CRF1 Receptor Antagonists as Novel Psychotherapeutic Agents Dimitri E. Grigoriadis, Ph.D.

D. Neurotensin Agonist NT69L: A Drug for Neuropsychiatric Diseases Elliott Richelson, M.D.

E. Antidepressant-Elicited Changes in Gene Expression Mitsuhiko Yamada, M.D.

S18. Use of Concomitant or Adjunctive Medications in Schizophrenia

A. Use of Combination Antipsychotics Alexander L. Miller, M.D.

B. Utilization of Combinations of Antipsychotics in the Department of Veterans Affairs Andre Tapp, M.D.

C. The Use of Antidepressants in Chronic Schizophrenia Samuel G. Siris, M.D.

D. Use of Adjunctive Medications for Anxiety, Agitation, and Sleep in Schizophrenia Del D. Miller, M.D.

E. Efficacy of Concomitant Medications for Stabilized Patients With Schizophrenia Ira D. Glick, M.D.

S19. Maladaptive Personality Traits: Drug Treatment, Genetics, and Biology

A. General Approach to Drug Treatment of Maladaptive Personality Traits James H. Reich, M.D.

B. Antipsychotic and Antidepressant Use in Personality-Traits Treatment Alan F. Schatzberg, M.D.

C. Mood Stabilizers in Personality Disorder Treatment Eric Hollander, M.D.

D. New Research Perspectives on the Neurobiology of Personality Disorders Larry J. Siever, M.D.

E. The Neurobiology of Social and Emotional Dysfunction in BPD Michael J. Minzenberg, M.D.

F. Psychotherapy and Combined Treatment in BPD: Possible Effects Marianne Goodman, M.D.

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S20. The End of the Biopsychosocial Model? An Assessment and AlternativesAssociation for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry

A. The Limitations of the Biopsychosocial Model in Psychiatry Scott Waterman, M.D.

B. The Biopsychosocial Model: Strengths Versus Weaknesses Related to Assumptions About Good Scientific Categories Peter Zachar, Ph.D.

C. Karl Jaspers and a Pluralist Model of Psychiatry S. Nassir Ghaemi, M.D.

D. Healing Psychiatry: The Need for Pragmatism David H. Brendel, M.D.

E. Six Questions for Clinical Models John Sadler, M.D.

S21. Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Family: Violence and Abuse Issues WorldwideAPA Alliance

A. Human Trafficking in Women: Behind Closed Doors Donna E. Stewart, M.D.

B. Domestic Abuse in the Land of the Devis Surinder S. Nand, M.D.

C. Behind Closed Doors in Africa: The Case of Women and Children Frank G. Njenga, M.D.

D. Specific Aspects Related to Traumatized Women and Their Children Marianne C. Kastrup, M.D.

E. Clinical and Public Health Aspects of Intimate-Partner Violence Helen Herrman, M.D.

S22. Large Observational Studies of ADHD: Methodology and Results

A. Effect of Atomoxetine in a Naturalistic Pediatric ADHD Treatment Setting Douglas K. Kelsey, M.D.

B. A Two-Year, Pan-European, Observational Study of ADHD: Overview and Baseline Ulrich Preuss, M.D.

C. A Factorial and Graphical Multidimensional Analysis of Patients in ADORE Bruno Falissard, M.D.

D. Outcomes and Regression Analysis: ADHD Observational Research in Europe Manfred Doepfner, M.D.

S23. Improving Care for Trauma-Related Psychiatric Disorders in General Medical Settings

A. Barriers to Care and Psychiatric Disorders Among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Charles W. Hoge, M.D.

B. Improving Primary Care for PTSD: Lessons From the RESPECT-Depression Project Allen J. Dietrich, M.D.

C. Early PTSD and Risk Behavior Intervention After Admission for Acute Surgical Trauma Douglas F. Zatzick, M.D.

S24. The Psychiatric Effects of the World Trade Center Attack in Disaster Relief WorkersCollaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

A. Prevalence and Predictors of PTSD in 2,960 Male Disaster Relief Workers Following the World Trade Center Attack JoAnn Difede, Ph.D.

B. Childhood Sexual Abuse as a Predictor of Psychiatric Symptoms in a Sample of Disaster Relief Workers Following a Terrorist Attack Pamela Leck, Ph.D.

C. Treatment Readiness in World Trade Center Attack Disaster Workers Nimali Jayasinghe, Ph.D.

D. Self-Report Versus Clinical Assessment of World Trade Center Disaster Workers With PTSD Frank W. Weathers, Ph.D.

S25. Research Update on Pediatric Bipolar DisorderCollaborative Session With the National Institute of Mental Health

A. Course and Outcome of Bipolar Youth Boris Birmaher, M.D.

B. Prepubertal Mania: Diagnosis, Prognosis, Family, and Molecular Genetics Barbara G. Geller, M.D.

C. Pharmacological Treatment Options for Children and Adolescents With Bipolar Disorder Melissa P. DelBello, M.D.

D. Pediatric Bipolar Disorder and the Utility of Cardinal Symptoms Janet Wozniak, M.D.

E. Neurobiological Evidence of Pediatric Phenotypes Daniel P. Dickstein, M.D.

S26. The Bioethics of Treating Psychoses

A. Influence of Mood State on Capacity to Consent to Research in Bipolar Patients Sahana Misra, M.D.

B. The Unintended Consequences of Antipsychotic Therapy for Schizophrenia Michael R. Arambula, M.D.

C. The Unique Case of Psychotic Criminal Defendants Paul S. Appelbaum, M.D.

2 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Advances in Psychotherapy: Neurobiological Underpinnings of PsychotherapyChairperson: Glen O. Gabbard, M.D.

3 p.m.-5 p.m.

New Research Poster Session 5

5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.

Convocation of Distinguished Fellows


L9. I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and PossibilityTrisha Meili, William C. Menninger Memorial Lecture

7 p.m.-10 p.m.

Industry-Supported Symposia IS34. Bipolar Disorder Management: A New EditionSupported by GlaxoSmithKline

A. When and How to Use Antidepressants for Bipolar Depression S. Nassir Ghaemi, M.D.

B. Clinical Strategies With Mood Stabilizers for Bipolar Depression Terence A. Ketter, M.D.

C. How to Combine Medications for Long-Term Stabilization Frederick K. Goodwin, M.D.

D. Recognizing and Treating Bipolar Disorder in Children Gabrielle A. Carlson, M.D.

E. New Understanding of Psychological Issues and Effective Psychotherapy Kay Redfield Jamison, Ph.D.

IS35. Dual Diagnosis: The Scope of the ProblemSupported by AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

A. Prevalence and Consequences of Dual Diagnosis Peter F. Buckley, M.D.

B. Adolescent Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Comorbidities Deborah Deas, M.D.

C. Psychosocial Intervention for Dual Diagnosis Mary F. Brunette, M.D.

D. Treatment of Bipolar Disorder and Substance Abuse E. Sherwood Brown, Ph.D.

E. Treatment of Schizophrenia and Substance Abuse Alan I. Green, M.D.

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Underground Atlanta, an easy walk from most of the downtown hotels, is home to retail shops, fast food in the Old Alabama Eatery, entertainment, special events, and fine restaurants.  © 2003, Kevin C.Rose/AtlantaPhotos.com

IS36. Insomnia in Special Populations: Is This Insomnia or Something Else?Supported by Sepracor Inc.

A. Insomnia in the Elderly Sonia Ancoli-Israel, Ph.D.

B. Insomnia in Patients With Depression Ruth M. Benca, M.D.

C. Insomnia in Women: An Overlooked Epidemic? Claudio N. Soares, M.D.

D. Novel Strategies to Treat Insomnia John W. Winkelman, M.D.

IS37. Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome in NeuropsychiatrySupported by Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

A. The Insulin Resistance Syndrome: What Is It? Why Is It Important? Gerald Reaven, M.D.

B. Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Risk During Antipsychotic Treatment John W. Newcomer, M.D.

C. Risk Assessment and Management of Insulin Resistance in Affective Disorders H. Brent Solvason, M.D.

D. Insulin Resistance and Cognitive Disorders Suzanne Craft, Ph.D.

E. Insulin Resistance: The Link Between Affective Disorders and Alzheimer's Disease Natalie L. Rasgon, M.D.

IS38. Overcoming Traditional Dilemmas in Treating Depressive Illnesses: Evidence-Based UpdatesSupported by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

A. Improved Remission Rates: Do Any Antidepressants Stand Out? Linda L. Carpenter, M.D.

B. Influence of Comorbidity on the Treatment of Depression David L. Dunner, M.D.

C. Combining Antidepressant Treatments for Better Efficacy: What Does the Literature Say? Thomas L. Schwartz, M.D.

D. Effectiveness of Antidepressant Treatments for Preventing Recurrences: Several Decades of Evidence John F. Greden, M.D.

E. Brain Stimulation in Psychiatric Treatment: State of the Evidence Sarah H. Lisanby, M.D.

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Once a sleepy rail terminus, Atlanta is now a thriving center of commerce, communications, and culture in the South.  © 2003, Kevin C.Rose/AtlantaPhotos.com

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Underground Atlanta, an easy walk from most of the downtown hotels, is home to retail shops, fast food in the Old Alabama Eatery, entertainment, special events, and fine restaurants.  © 2003, Kevin C.Rose/AtlantaPhotos.com

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