Preliminary Program
Preliminary Program: Monday, May 5
Psychiatric News
Volume 43 Number 4 page 8-16

Industry-Supported Breakfast Symposium, Part 1

Residents' Session

Meet the Experts: Sunny-Side Up


Registration/Course Enrollment Open


CME Courses 40-45


Case Conference 1

Robert Ursano, M.D., on Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): Treatment Across Pharmacology, Psychotherapy, and Collaborative Care

(Open to APA members only)


L2.Carl Bell, M.D., Administrative Psychiatry Award Lecture

L3. Planning, Organization, and Evaluation of Mental Health ServicesOtto Steenfeldt-Foss, M.D., International Lecture

L4. Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment-Resistant DepressionHelen Mayberg, M.D., Frontiers of Science Lecture

Small Interactive Sessions

Focus Live

Charles Nemeroff, M.D., on Major Depressive Disorder

New Research Young Investigators' Poster Session 1

Component Workshops

CW1. The Bigger Picture: Psychiatrists as Physician AdvocatesAPA Committee of Residents and Fellows; Chair: Rachel A. Davis, M.D.

CW2. Early Childhood Feeding Disorders: Cross-Cultural Lessons in U.S. and China CollaborationAPA Corresponding Committee on Infancy and Early Childhood; Co-Chairs: Jean M. Thomas, M.D., Irene Chatoor, M.D.

CW3. From Bedside to Balance Sheet: The Many Facets of Administrative PsychiatryAPA Committee on Psychiatric Administration and Management; Chair: L. Mark Russakoff, M.D.

CW4. The Ripple Effect of Psychiatric Stigma in Medical Education and Strategies to Combat ItAPA Corresponding Committee on Medical Student Education; Chair: Linda F. Pessar, M.D.

CW5. School Mental Health: Clinical Essentials and Collaborative InterventionsAPA Corresponding Committee on Mental Health and Schools; Chair: Marcia J. Slattery, M.D.

CW6. Practical Tips on How to Be a Successful AuthorAmerican Psychiatric Publishing Inc. Editorial Board; Chair: Robert E. Hales, M.D.

CW7. Mentoring 101: A Survival Guide for International Medical GraduatesAPA Committee on International Medical Graduates; Co-Chairs: Antony Fernandez, M.D., Sanjay Dube, M.D.

CW8. Disaster Preparedness and Response: Standards for Care Before, During, and After a DisasterAPA Committee on Psychiatric Dimensions of Disaster; Co-Chairs: Artin Terhakopian, M.D., Albert V. Vogel, M.D.

CW9. Looking for Love and Dodging the VirusAPA Committee on AIDS; Co-Chairs: Pamela Y. Collins, M.D., Khakasa H. Wapenyi, M.D.

CW10. The Beginning and the End of TransinstitutionalizationAPA Council on Social Issues and Public Psychiatry; Co-Chairs: Hunter L. McQuistion, M.D., Tracee M. Burroughs, M.D.

CW11. Psychiatry and Managed Care: Patient Access, Physician Autonomy, and Professional AdvocacyAPA Committee on Managed Care; Chair: Paul H. Wick, M.D.

CW12. The New Orleans School Recovery District: What Are the Risk, Predictive, and Protective Factors?APA Alliance; Chair: Kay Brada

CW13. Role of International Health Organizations in Promoting Global Child and Adolescent Mental HealthAPA Council on Global Psychiatry and the APA Council on Children, Adolescents, and Their Families; Co-Chairs: Siham Muntasser, M.D., Eliot Sorel, M.D.

Issue Workshops

IW1. Paraphilias, Personality Disorders, and Pharmaceuticals: Unusual Suspects in Psychiatric DefenseChair: Renee M. Sorrentino, M.D.

IW2. Maintenance of Certification for Diplomates of the American Board of Psychiatry and NeurologyCo-Chairs: Patricia W. Tivnan, M.A., Larry R. Faulkner, M.D.

IW3. Malpractice: A Defendant's PrimerCo-Chairs: Abe M. Rychik, J.D., Eugene L. Lowenkopf, M.D.

IW4. Cross-Cultural Validation of Self-Report Questionnaires in Non-Western Post-Conflict SettingsCo-Chairs: Peter Ventevogel, M.D., Pim Scholte, M.D.

IW5. Making Your Talks More Interactive: The Better Way!Chair: Jon Davine, M.D.

IW6. Treating the Chronically Depressed Patient Using the Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of PsychotherapyCo-Chairs: Eric Levander, M.D., James P. McCullough, Ph.D.

IW7. Impact of Patient Suicide on Psychiatry Residents: A Workshop DiscussionCo-Chairs: Elizabeth S. Harre, M.D., Christina V. Mangurian, M.D.

IW8. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy With Self-Destructive BorderlinesChair: Eric M. Plakun, M.D.

IW9. Jumping Off a Cliff, or the Road Not Taken: Alternative Career Choices and Where They LeadChair: Deborah Spitz, M.D.

IW10. Chronic Pain, Prescription Opioids, and Psychiatry: Concepts, Tools, and Risk Management to Help Patients and Improve OutcomeCo-Chairs: Alex N. Sabo, M.D., John F. Rogers, Esq.

IW11. The Wrath of God: A Faith-Based Survival Paradigm (video interviews of survivors in the earthquake region of Pakistan)Chair: Samoon Ahmad, M.D.

IW12. Psychopathy and Addiction Among Criminal Justice Populations: New Directions Co-Chairs: Wilson M. Compton III, M.D., Joseph Frascella, Ph.D.

IW13. Psychiatric Services for Girls and Women in Correctional FacilitiesChair: Cassandra F. Newkirk, M.D.


Media Workshops

MP1. "White Light, Black Rain": The Destruction of Hiroshima and NagasakiChair: David Rothstein, M.D.

MP2. "Tsotsi": Toward an Understanding of the Roots of Violence, Its Maintenance, and Its TransformationChair: Roslyn Seligman, M.D.


S1.Epigenetic Mechanisms of Depression and Antidepressant Action

S2.Buprenorphine for Opioid Dependence: Recent Clinical and Research Findings


CME Courses 46-51


Exhibits Open

APA Member Center Open

Publishers' Bookfair Open


Advances in Research

Research Advances in MedicineHerbert Pardes, M.D., David Baron, D.O.


Advances in Medicine

AM01. HIV/AIDS in 2008: Progress and ChallengesAnthony Fauci, M.D.

Focus Live

Peter Buckley, M.D., on Schizophrenia

Small Interactive Sessions

4. Eric Hollander, M.D., on Autism and Impulse Control Disorders (Meet the Author)

5. Marcia Goin, M.D., on Career Versus Jobs in Psychiatry

6. Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, M.D., on Working With Family Members: Shared Advocacy


L5.Mark S. Micale, Ph.D., Benjamin Rush Award Lecture

L6. Neurotransmitters, Drugs, and the Brain: Historical PerspectivesSolomon Snyder, M.D., Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture

L7. CRAZY: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health MadnessPete Earley, Patient Advocacy Award Lecture

Component Workshops

CW14. Anxiety, Impulsivity, and Aggression: Diagnostic and Treatment Dilemmas in Intellectual DisabilityAPA Committee on Developmental Disabilities; Chair: Joel D. Bregman, M.D.

CW15. Assessing Suicide Risk in the General Hospital: Implementing the 2007 National Patient Safety GoalAPA Committee on Standards and Survey Procedures; Co-Chairs: Steven R. Daviss, M.D., Angelos Halaris, M.D.

CW16. Psychotherapy Update: Psychodynamic Therapy for Panic DisorderAPA Committee on Psychotherapy by Psychiatrists; Chair: Eric M. Plakun, M.D.

CW17. On the Brink: Universal Health Insurance and Mental HealthServicesAPA Council on Healthcare Systems and Financing; Co-Chairs: Anita S. Everett, M.D., Frederick J. Stoddard, M.D.

CW18. Evaluating Competency in Psychosomatic MedicineAPA Council on Psychosomatic Medicine; Chair: Mary Jane Massie, M.D.

CW19. Reducing Juvenile Delinquency Through PreventionAPA Corresponding Committee on Juvenile Justice Issues; Chair: Stephen B. Billick, M.D.

CW20. Methamphetamine Abuse in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: Restoring Harmony Through an Integrated Treatment ModelAPA Committee of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Psychiatrists; Chair: Daniel L. Dickerson, D.O.

CW21. Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Practice: Ask the ExpertsAPA Ethics Committee; Chair: Wade Myers, M.D.

CW22. I'm Coming Out: Helping Your LGBT Patients Out the Closet DoorAPA Committee on Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues; Chair: Philip A. Bialer, M.D.

CW23. Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?APA Committee of Black Psychiatrists; Co-Chairs: Michele Reid, M.D., Melva Green, M.D.

Issue Workshops

IW14. Poets, Psychiatric Treatment, and the Creative ProcessChair: Richard M. Berlin, M.D.

IW15. Complexities of Post-Termination RelationshipsChair: Malkah T. Notman, M.D.

IW16. Teaching and Learning at the Medical-Psychiatric Interface: A Residency Training PerspectiveCo-Chairs: Henry W. Weisman, M.D., Kaplan Lawrence, M.D.

IW17. Internet-Associated Mental Health Problems: Designing Treatment Plans Based on Psychiatric NosologyCo-Chairs: Daniel J. Pimstone, B.S., Jeffery Wilkins, M.D.

IW18. Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders in Suicidal Patients: Clinical, Ethical, and Legal DilemmasChair: Stephen M. Soltys, M.D.

IW19. Children and Trauma: Responding to Special Populations Ranging From Military Children to Those Exposed to Natural Disasters and Much MoreCo-Chairs: Heather L. Shibley, M.D., Niru Nahar, M.D.

Scientific and Clinical Reports

Session 1. Forensic Psychiatry

Session 2. Women's Health

Session 3. Psychiatric Genetics

Session 4. Symptomatic Outcomes of Borderline Personality Disorder

Session 5. Chemical Dependency

Session 6. Can Early Symptoms Predict the Course of Schizophrenia?

Session 7. Clinical Dilemmas in Schizophrenia

Session 8. Metabolic Syndrome and Eating Behavior




New Research Young Investigators' Poster Session 2


CME Courses 52-59


Focus LiveJohn Griest, M.D., on Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder


L8. Should Psychiatry Embrace a Psychospiritual Approach to Patient Care?Albert C. Gaw, M.D., George G. Tarjan Lecture

L9.C. Thomas Caskey, M.D., Frontiers of Science Lecture

L10.Tipper Gore (tentative)


International Symposium: The Emergence of Subthreshold PsychiatryChair: Ahmed Okasha, M.D.


S3.Diagnosis and Treatment of Adolescents/Young Adults With Substance Use Disorders

S4.Traumatic Stress, Hormones, and Depression

S5.The Social Responsibility of Universities for the Mental Health of Students and Community Safety

S6.Recent Advances in Prevention Science: Implications for Practice andDSM-V

S7.Medical Conundrums: A Guide for the Treating Psychiatrist

S8.Externalizing Disorders of Childhood: ADSM-VResearch Agenda

S9.Continuation Treatments to Prevent Relapse Following ECT

S10.Safety Issues in Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology: Research Update and Clinical Implications

S11.Depression and Generalized Anxiety: Research Planning for theDSM-V

S12. Psychiatric Genetics: New Discoveries Knocking at the Clinic Door

S13.Psychopharmacology in the Athlete

S14.Somatic Presentations of Mental Disorders

S15.Global Gaps in Psychiatry: The Mental Health Needs of Child Soldiers

S16. European and American Psychiatry: Identity and Priorities

S17.Women's Health: Straight Talk About Tangled Problems—Pregnancy-Related Psychiatric Issues

S18.The Application of Translational Affective Neuroscience to the Understanding of Anxiety Disorders

S19.Comparing Notes: International Experiences in Evaluating Residents' Skills

S20.The Psychoses Fused: The Kraepelinian Dichotomy, a Continuum or One Disorder: Clinical, Genetic, and Cognitive Comparisons

S21.Pharmacogenetics of Tamoxifen and Other Chemotherapeutic Agents and Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors: Drug Interactions and Alterations

S22.Moments of Change in Psychotherapy: What Can We Learn From the Positive Turning Points Observed in Adult and Child Treatments

S23.The Relationships Between the APA Annual Meeting and the Pharmaceutical Industry: Historical and Current Perspectives and Issues

S24.The Changing Face of Terrorism: Suicide Terrorism and Radicalization in Émigré Populations

S25.Homosexuality and Therapy: The Religious Dimension


Advances in (APPI Series)

Advances in the Treatment of Substance Use DisordersMarc Galanter, M.D.


New Research Poster Session 3


Convocation of Distinguished Fellows

L11.Oliver Sacks, M.D., William C. Menninger Memorial Lecture


Industry-Supported Symposia

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